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Now, while the past year or so may have made something of a bona fide internet legend, it's worth noting that such lofty status never comes without some sort of cost. For one thing, it's surely now a whole lot more difficult for him to pop down to his local store to grab some chimichangas than it would have been a few years back. It's also, of course, put him at the very top of many devoted fans' obsession lists, with lovers the world over having become unsurprisingly fond of the man who has so effectively brought the blisteringly blistered antihero to life on the big screen.

And, for the most part, Reynolds appears to have taken all of the added attention that love has brought him in his stride. There are, however, exceptions. For instance:

Someone Just Tattooed Ryan Reynolds's Name On Their Butt, Because He Sort Of Told Them To

And, as of right now, Ryan Reynolds hasn't sent any sort of hilariously snarky/supportive tweet in the direction of intrepid Twitterer @poolspidey, an individual who, to be clear, tattooed Reynolds's name on his butt in exchange for a like on Twitter. Which is a shame, really, since the Twitter aftermath of @poolspidey's recent Ryan Reynolds-themed butt-stamping has proven to be precisely the sort of thing that the internet isn't properly equipped to handle without Reynolds's input. Aside from the fact that it's now been written up by pretty much every major news site out there...

...the news has caused a major stir on Twitter...

...turned up on the Today show...

...and, sadly, completely failed to get Ryan Reynolds himself to tweet about it:

And so, the internet has now become a place where people watch porn, buy stuff, shout angrily into the void, and wait for Ryan Reynolds to tweet about a Florida teen tattooing his name on their ass.

Which is definitely peak something, it's just not quite clear exactly what yet.

What do you think, though? Whose name would you be most inclined to get tattooed onto your butt? Let us know below!


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