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Never a vehicle to let hearsay, conjecture, and vague rumors die, the internet instead takes stories that are mostly fabrication and runs with them like it's Usain Bolt in the 100m. And no other movie franchise gets bounced around the rumor mill more than Marvel's Avengers franchise and its various stand-alones.

Earlier today, I addressed the rumors of Guardians of the Galaxy being introduced in the after-credit scene of Iron Man 3. Right on its heels comes yet another major plot rumor about the comic book franchise.

How about as Ant-Man?

That's the latest bit of speculation swirling about ye olde intertubes, and at first glance it seems to be a little far-fetched. But breaking it down reveals that there might be something to this wacky casting rumor after all, thanks to some impressive sleuthing by the canny crew over at

According to Yahoo News, Rudd was hanging out backstage at the Oscars with two current Avengers, (Steve Rogers/Captain America) and (Bruce Banner/The Hulk), when Oscar talent coordinator, Danette Herman, spotted him. "You look like one," she suggested, clearly meaning like one of the Avengers team.

No big deal, right? BUT, Rudd also spent some Oscar time with (Clint Barton/Hawkeye) backstage, bringing his Avengers connections to three.

See? Told you.

Now, that in and of itself doesn't really offer iron-clad evidence that Rudd is our new Ant-Man. The Oscars are meant for schmoozing, beautiful people meeting other beautiful people. On the other hand, backstage at awards shows is often when unofficial deals are put into place with words or handshakes...or connections.

Still dubious? How about this: Two days after the Oscars, Tweeted:

As he's, you know, the director of the whole Ant-Man shebang, suddenly those Paul Rudd rumors don't seem so wild and off-base. A conversation with three different Avengers is one thing, taking photos with a director that happens to be helming the movie you're rumored to be circling, and that director being comfortable enough with you to name-drop you in a humorous Tweet, is entirely another.

Marvel has already stated that they want Ant-Man to go in a slightly different direction, an origin story that occupies a different corner than previous films. Seeing as how Marvel seems to be moving toward folding more humor into the franchise (see: The recent casting of as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, an actor who can pull off comedy as well as anyone), Rudd would fit the bill. His dry, deadpan sense of humor meshes perfectly with the brand of humor Marvel utilizes. .

So there you have it. At first glance, it seemed as if this was a lot of conjecture and fluff, but now that the evidence is laid out before us, I'm thinking these rumors might not be so far-fetched after all. As I would pretty much watch Paul Rudd in anything, I'm actually loving this tenuous, intriguing prospect.

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