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Director Mark Jones was on the Binge Watcher's Podcast talking about his latest movie, Scorned, which is all fine and dandy - but what we, the horror lovers of the universe, really want to know about is his classic tale of stolen gold and playing pogo on a dead man's lung. Luckily for us, he gave us all of the colors of the rainbow by talking about the film that made him - and Jennifer Aniston - the people they are today, Leprechaun. Not only that, he talked about his new project with , about a vampire that bites a leprechaun. Yup. Here's what he said:

They're doing the [Leprechaun] reboot without him. And, I said, we should do a new franchise about a vampire who bites a leprechaun. He turns into a little Vamprichaun. Warwick loved the idea and it's basically a little vampire who bites your ankle instead of your neck and it's kind of a comedy-horror.

There's no further information on the project, except this amateur sketch that I made up from Meme's past:

(via Binge Watchers Podcast)

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