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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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You may have spotted the 'de-aging' technology used some big movies recently. Young Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War or young Leia Organa in Rogue One were high-profile de-aged faces this year... but are these uncanny renderings a good thing for cinema?

Martin Scorsese's upcoming mob movie, , will feature Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, using modern de-aging techniques to keep them in roles that Scorsese's been planning for decades. Produer Gaston Pavlovich told Cinema Blend:

''Well it's an extraordinary technology that we've been looking at. You don't use prosthetics, make-up, they have acting and the technology is able to have them go through different time ages without the prosthetics. So we've seen some tests and it looks extraordinary. We were able to film Bob and just do a scene, and we saw it come down to when he was like 20, 40, 60, so we're looking forward to that, from that point of view, for 'The Irishman' ... Imagine seeing what De Niro looked like in 'The Godfather 2' days, that's pretty much how you're going to see him again.

Hmmm... however his artificially de-aged face looks, it'll be great to see Robert De Niro in a Scorsese movie again. Remember how much fun Casino was?

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What do you think of aged-down faces in movies?

(Source: Cinema Blend)


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