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Just as there's a definite weeaboo subculture in America, so too does it swing both ways, with Japanese culture long having been fascinated with the mythology of the American West. Cowboy culture has abounded in Japanese manga and anime, perhaps because of the common link between that and the samurai, a certain romance surrounding each mythical lifestyle that was slowly snuffed out due to the world moving on and modernizing.

Sometimes, Japan has gotten its twist on the American West right. Sometimes, it has not. The upcoming Japanese remake of classic American western, Unforgiven, is one that looks to be firmly in the former group if the first extended trailer is any indication.

's film stars the excellent in the grizzled role of Jubee Kamata, the equivalent of the Will Munny role played by in the original film. Kamata is a man who, still holding fast to the old ways of the samurai code, agrees to take on bounty-hunting work as the world changes around him in late 1800s Japan.

The cinematography is gorgeous, as well as the costuming. It has a bit of a hybrid feel, straddling the line between Japanese samurai movie and gunslinging Western, but that's a line Japanese entertainment has been walking for decades, and so it feels blended rather than disparate. There are no subtitles, but you can gather the plot from the action in the trailer:


Yurusarezaru mono, as it is being called in Japan, will be in Japanese theaters in September. There is no word yet on whether or not audiences will be seeing it in the U.S., but Warner Bros. produced the remake and so there is a possibility it will be released in a limited fashion in North American theaters. Click follow and stay tuned to Moviepilot to stay updated.

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