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Over the years, the success of the Jurassic Park franchise — which has been recently rebooted with Jurassic World — has proven that us moviegoers would always feel a certain guilty pleasure from watching naive little humans being chased around by cruel, clever and blood-thirsty dinosaurs. Meanwhile, the Hunger Games series has been tickling our fascination for post-dystopian societies, where underdog heroes save the day thanks to awe-inspiring amounts of bravery and the perfect face to become the revolutionary poster child.

With both blockbuster series being huge commercial successes, and both centering essentially around the concept of survival of the fittest, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a mashup is in the works. The Jurassic Games is a real movie that's happening, in which, you guessed it, a group of contestants are thrown into an arena in which they have to fight both their competitors and dinosaurs.

'The Jurassic Games' Pits Contestants Against Each Other — And Dinosaurs

'The Jurassic Games' [Credit: High Octane Pictures via The Hollywood Reporter]
'The Jurassic Games' [Credit: High Octane Pictures via The Hollywood Reporter]

The Hollywood Reporter has published the first photos from The Jurassic Games, which is going to be as wild of a ride as it sounds: Set in the near future, it features a Hunger Games-style contest involving 10 death row convicts, except that this one is in virtual reality (gotta make futuristic technology useful, after all). Not only do they have to fight each other, but this version adds in dinosaurs. And while it might be in VR so that the dinosaurs can be rendered without any Jurassic Park-like genetic mishaps, if a contestant dies in the game, they die in real life.

The hero is Anthony Tucker: Played by Adam Hampton, he's been wrongfully sentenced to death for murdering his wife and has been promised a reunion with his children at the end of the game. The pictures unfortunately don't reveal the appearance of the dinosaurs, but one can only hope they'll do the Indominus Rex justice.

'The Jurassic Games' [Credit: High Octane Pictures via The Hollywood Reporter]
'The Jurassic Games' [Credit: High Octane Pictures via The Hollywood Reporter]

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Scheduled for a 2018 release and directed by Ryan Bellgardt, who's got other gems such as Army of Frankensteins under his belt, The Jurassic Games sounds like the ultimate popcorn movie — and I can't wait for what's surely going to be an exhilarating trailer.

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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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