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With Justice League days away from it's release, fans are dreaming up all possible scenarios DC's superheroes could find themselves in the upcoming DCEU film. Although the DC Universe is still just being set up on screen, if fans had their way they'd love for it to collide with another, just as popular cinematic universe, the . And as it turns out, the cast of Justice League is just as eager for the two heroic teams to clash on the battlefield.

A Justice League / Avengers Crossover?

In an interview with NewsAsia, the Justice League cast talked about whether or not they would want to join Earth's other protectors, the .

Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher were less excited about the idea than their fellow cast members, simply because making it work would be logistically difficult since Warner Bros. owns DC Comics, and Disney owns Marvel. Gal Gadot, though, was very hyped about the possibility, saying:

"I must tell you, that I do like, and have friends who do Marvel movies. And I think there's room for all of us in a way. I would love for both worlds to collide and be like DC-Marvel whatever... I think it could be super awesome cause they have some great characters as well."

She even assented to teaming up with the ladies of and agreed that that would be truly memorable. Jason Momoa was also quite eager, imagining:

“I would love to be [in a crossover]. “Hell yeah! I mean like, Hemsworth, I love him. It’s like, to be next to Thor, or to be next to the Hulk. It’s like ‘oh, I’m going to take you out on the water and drown your ass'.”

As Henry Cavill pointed out, there is a precedence for this as the two mega forces have clashed in on some occasions (notably DC vs Marvel in 1996 and 2003’s JLA/Avengers). But Cavill also stated that such a thing could only work when superhero fatigue would reach an all time high, in an attempt to reinvigorate the genre.

Justice League vs. The Avengers [Credit: DC Comics and Marvel]
Justice League vs. The Avengers [Credit: DC Comics and Marvel]

It's certainly a good sign that the men and women behind the superheroes are so supportive of such an idea and it could truly mean that perhaps, someday down the road the and Marvel worlds could come together to deliver a film that would be every fan's dream.

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