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In 2013, we were introduced to the wildly grandiose Wolf of Wall Street, a movie filled with corruption, greed, and men in suits partying. We saw firsthand the story of a naive Jordan Belfort, and his rise to becoming a wealthy stock-broker through crime and manipulation in the '90s. But above all, we saw a movie that was fun to watch.

Introducing 'The King'

In 2017, prepare to be introduced to the same kind of thrilling fun. The King stars a stacked cast of some of Korea's finest actors: Jo In-Sung, Jung Woo-Sung, and Bae Sung-Woo. Korean fans are highly anticipating Jo In-Sung's performance, as this movie is his first film in seven years since being in A Frozen Flower.

Jo In-Sung, Jung Woo-Sung, and Bae Sung-Woo
Jo In-Sung, Jung Woo-Sung, and Bae Sung-Woo

stars Jo In-Sung, as he plays Park Tae-Soo, a man who becomes a prosecutor after going through a difficult childhood. He wants to become top prosecutor because he believes prosecutors wield the political power of a king. His journey to the top is one that includes corruption, greed, and men in suits partying. You'll see firsthand all the crime and manipulation that comes with becoming a top prosecutor in the '90s.

Sound familiar?

While the plot and grandiose fun of both movies are the same, there's one key difference: The King is about politics, not stocks. And right now, there isn't a hotter topic than politics in both the United States and Korea. The timing is absolutely perfect for a political-thriller like The King.

'The King' Is Already Making Headlines

So much so, that The King has set the record for most-viewed Korean movie trailer. Within a week of its trailer release, the video has reached over 7 million views on YouTube and Naver. For those unfamiliar with Naver, it's basically the Korean version of Yahoo and is one of the top three web domains in South Korea. The King is currently the most-anticipated movie on Naver, with the trailer ranked as the most-watched movie clip on the portal site.

There is a lot of hype surrounding The King, because of the plot, the actors, and parallels to real-world scandals. While that may be the reason others want to watch it, I personally want to watch it because the movie reminds me of The Wolf of Wall Street and I liked Oldboy. So, for any of you looking for a foreign movie to watch in theaters, check out The King.

'The King' [Credit: WooJoo Film] & 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount]
'The King' [Credit: WooJoo Film] & 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount]

The King comes out in select theaters on January 27th.

What would you like the see happen in The King that you loved the most about Wolf of Wall Street?


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