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So, Star Trek Into Darkness was an interesting one. Of course, it did financially well and critically too, but it didn't exactly take the franchise to a new dimension, did it? In fact, with off to the Star Wars franchise, I'd say this franchise is oddly...on some unexpected shaky ground.

Regardless, it was a flashy summer blockbuster of high quality, and it's high time to appreciate the backstage work that went into it. So, the concept artist Neville Page has posted his designs he contributed to the sequel...including some he left out! He said that:

"JJ Abrams ("Mission: Impossible III") was kind enough to have me on board another Star Trek. It was not too dissimilar to the first experience, other than I was too busy to be cast as an Alien this time. Then again, I did go down with the ship in the previous one.

This first round of images are some of the development of the Klingons. This was a very important assignment for me because I knew how important it was to the fans of the franchise. It was a delicate balance of respecting the established looks from previous incarnations yet delivering something appropriate for JJ's film."

Ah, he wanted to respect the previous incarnations. Not sure how well that went - the Trekkies and notable advocates of the old films have voted Into Darkness the worst Star Trek film EVER! Ouch. Still, the designs are wonderful and the Klingons looked fantastic in the film. Check out the work he did for the film here:

On screen, they spent most of their time with masks covering their faces, but still...they were darn scary. Did they give you the beejeezus in Star Trek Into Darkness? Or were you unaffected by the Klingons? Get in touch below!



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