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After concluding eight years ago, fans of Showtime's lesbian drama The L Word have dreamed of a comeback for the series ever since. Those dreams have finally come true with the announcement of a sequel, and our queer hearts are currently in overdrive. While the sequel will center a new group of fabulous women, we'll certainly see some familiar faces as well.

Jennifer Beals, who played Bette Porter, thinks of the future series as more of a "rebel yell" than a reboot. The L Word was groundbreaking when it debuted in 2004, and is still memorable to this day. A sequel is a chance to come back strong, right the wrongs of the original and display how much queer visibility matters.

While the new ensemble is currently unknown, we can't help but speculate which characters we loved (or loved to hate) could show up once more. Besides Bette, Shane and Alice (who will appear to bridge the new ladies' introduction), here are six original members who should appear in The L Word's sequel series.

Light spoilers from past seasons of The L Word are ahead.

Carmen de la Pica Morales

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

The confident DJ took our breath away as soon as she joined the cast in Season 2. Carmen was able to tame L.A.'s resident sex goddess, Shane; the two began a relationship full of ups and downs, but it was endearing to watch overall. In the end, Shane abandoned Carmen in the most unforgivable way, and we never saw Carmen again after the devastating heartbreak.

Due to how well-received her character was, many of us wondered about her whereabouts after her departure since there was no explanation. The sequel could be an opportunity to clear that up and remind us why we missed Carmen so much.

Jodi Lerner

Jodi was introduced as a love interest for Bette in Season 4, but her character was much more important than that. She was the first deaf lesbian on TV, and The L Word writers never let her deafness completely define her; Jodi was an intelligent, passionate sculptor who was on equal footing with the original friend group.

Jodi's actress, Marlee Matlin, expressed on Twitter that she would be open to a return on the reboot:

Hopefully there's room for Matlin to appear in the sequel, especially considering how much she enjoyed playing Jodi.

Dana Fairbanks

Dana was perhaps the core of what made The L Word so special; her story arcs were more realistic and emotional than any other character's. A rising tennis pro, Dana feared that being outed as a lesbian would damage her career. When she decided to come out, the complete opposite occurred — Dana was flooded with admiration and acceptance, and her outlook on life became brighter. While most people were proud of Dana, it took a while for her parents to accept her sexuality, which is something that tons of individuals can relate to.

Unfortunately, all of that led up to Dana's death in Season 3 after a tragic battle with breast cancer — but her spirit was often acknowledged as the show went on. I wouldn't be surprised if The L Word sequel gave us a flashback of Dana, or if she appears in Alice's imagination like in Season 4. A character who reflected the lesbian community so well should never be forgotten.

Jenny Schecter

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

Where do I begin with the infamous Jenny? Easily the most divisive and loathed character on The L Word's roster, Jenny's duplicitous actions shot down any chance of redemption. She had a few badass moments where she stood up to ignorance, but it was too late to win most viewers over.

The character met her fate through a mysterious murder at the start of Season 6, and her killer was never revealed (my bet's on Niki Stevens). Many of us are eager to know the culprit, but will it ever see the light of day? Jenny's murder might be intended to remain an enigma, but the sequel is the only opportunity to disclose it.

Kit Porter

Famous musician and Bette's half sister, Kit was the only straight woman in the group. The care and support towards her friends was extremely admirable; in one instance, she declined an engagement from her boyfriend since the most important people in her life weren't legally allowed to marry.

In Season 2, Kit bought neighborhood café The Planet, which was the epicenter of the entire show. It wouldn't feel like The L Word without The Planet, so we can almost guarantee it'll be the group hang-out in the sequel as well. And if Kit is still the owner, we might even see her appear or be referenced in the series.

Helena Peabody

Helena went from homewrecker to humble as the show went on, quickly turning her into one of the most fun and beloved characters. Her love interests took advantage of her when she started to become likable, and we couldn't help but feel terrible. Helena is perhaps the least likely to return to the sequel, but if she does, it would add to the nostalgia of seeing familiar faces.

The L Word was ahead of its time when it launched, but there's much more that needs to be done. It's important to have a queer-centric show on television: they have the power to bring our community together and demonstrate acceptance. A rebooted, fresh take on The L Word is exactly what we need today.


Which original character from The L Word would you like to return in the sequel?


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