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Mark Newton

Luckily, we don't rely on the police force to protect, serve and entertain, because it turns out they're pretty bad at making their own short movies.

The LAPD recently released a short PSA video which highlights the risk of theft perpetrated by everyone's favorite ghoul of the moment, zombies.

Yep, it seems LA's finest are the latest official body to jump aboard the zombie craze. They follow the CDC and Bristol City Council as the latest government institutions to deliver zombie related advice. Luckily, the zombies being chased by the LAPD are mostly after your stylish consumer goods and not your brains. The video explains:

"The zombies are coming! And they want your iPads!" The Los Angeles Police Department presents a parody of zombie movies and reality cop shows with an important message about car burglars: Lock it, Hide it, Keep it.

Watch the video below:


What do you think? Should the LAPD quit their day jobs and become film directors? Let us know below.


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