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The Last Exorcism was a surprise hit when it landed in theaters back in 2010, raking in an impressive $62.5 million at the box office. Those are the sorts of numbers that leads to talk of sequels, so it was no great shock that The Last Exorcism wouldn't be the last at all, but could in fact be the first of many.

The Last Exorcism Part 2 hits later this year and the first theatrical trailer for the movie has landed. The story kicks off after the demonic events of the last movie and sees Nell return to New Orleans and try to start a new life. Obviously bad things happen, demons come back, and exorcisms take place. Check it out:


Looks like we can expect lots of contorted levitation, demonic arson and some animal cruelty.

Daniel Stamm, who directed the first movie, has been replaced this time round by Canadian filmmaker Ed Gass-Donnelly, but is back on board to produce, so expect plenty of shocks when the movie comes to theaters March 1st.

Were you guys impressed by the trailer? Will you be catching the movie at the theater or is it not really your thing? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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