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2017 is going to be ending with a bang. With Justice League releasing in 17th November and Star Wars: The Last Jedi set to land in theaters December 15th, we can expect a great finish to a slow box office year. Warner Bros.'s Justice League will no doubt perform well but it's The Last Jedi whose predicted box office revenue is raising some eyebrows.

The Force Of 'The Last Jedi'

According to The Last Jedi is currently predicted to earn $215 million in its opening weekend. This, in contrast to The Force Awakens' $247 million opening gives the second-best opening of all time. The site also reveals the predicted box office cume of The Last Jedi at the domestic box office, which is roughly $742 million. That number would put it behind both The Force Awakens and Avatar and their domestic box office totals.

While these predictions are far from bad, there's a reason why the numbers seem significantly less than that of . The first movie was the highly anticipated return of the franchise to the big screen, so fans both old and new were eager to know discover how The Force Awakens would continue the Star Wars saga.

If these predictions do turn out to be accurate, won't just become the second highest grossing Star Wars film to date, but also second highest opening domestically for a film. Although interest in Star Wars has never truly dampened, the success of The Force Awakens has instilled a new love for the franchise in the fans. A whole new generation of Star Wars lovers have also joined the group, and nostalgia has worked well for these sci-fi films. Another possible reason for The Last Jedi's success can be the role of the late Carrie Fisher. The Star Wars' actress is set to reprise her role one last time in the film, and The Last Jedi will no doubt close Princess Leia's chapter of Star Wars definitively.

Of course, it's important to mention that these figures are so far just figures, meaning that there's no way to know if the film will earn more or less than what's estimated until the film arrives at the box office in December. Till, then, fans, let's hope that the force is still with The Last Jedi when the film releases December 15th.



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