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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

With the upcoming Star Wars celebration just around the corner, rumors and spoilers for The Last Jedi have been coming in thick and fast. With new details on everything from Imperial spies to flaming trees, it's going to be hard to avoid spoilers before the film premieres in December.

With eight months to go until the next film drops, many fans are dying for any news they can get their hands on. Luckily, Making Star Wars are making good on the spoiler front, and they've just uncovered some more potential news. Check out the details and see what you think:

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Who Is Laura Dern's Character?

Jurassic Park [Credit: Universal Pictures]
Jurassic Park [Credit: Universal Pictures]

There's long been speculation over who Laura Dern will be playing in The Last Jedi, but it seems her role may a little more troublesome than expected. According to Making Star Wars' report, her character will be "Poe Dameron's nemesis."

Star Wars has long used code names during production to prevent leaks, and they've made no exception for Dern's character. Referred to as Admiral Holdo, she will apparently be ruffling Poe's feathers quite a bit:

"If the rumors about Dern’s Admiral Holdo are true it sounds like we have a divided Resistance thanks to her inclusion."

Could she be the Imperial spy? Regardless, it sounds like she's going to be sporting quite the unique look while she does her thing:

"Admiral Holdo wears a long mauve regal gown with a short cape that hangs down in back with a concealed laser pistol. She has metallic braces around her wrists. Her pink hair is curled with a flapper vibe to it but it’s not incredibly short or anything. She’s kind of the antithesis of Leia’s new general look of a brown dress with her old 'A New Hope' blaster pistol. Admiral Holdo looks very much like a design from the prequel era of 'Star Wars'."

Pink hair? A Cape? Metallic wrist braces? Admiral Holdo sounds like the most stylish person to ever grace the Resistance!

Steampunk Droids?!

The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]

The Rebel Alliance may be a force (see what I did there?) to be reckoned with, but that doesn't mean they've got the same financial resources as their opponents. Cassian Andor may have lucked out with sleek reprogrammed Empire droid K-2SO in Rogue One, but that was another time. Nowadays, the Alliance has to make do with whatever they can get their hands on— and that means rusty droids.

BB-8 may not be the only droid in the Resistance, but he might just be the prettiest. His lurid orange-and-white color scheme will be a stark contrast to his fellow, older BB units, who will apparently look "almost steam punk in design:"

"Their look is very brassy and beat up and they’re in contrast to the First Order BB units that are black with red hot vents on the side of the body. It all makes BB-8 all the more unique."

But will Poe and BB-8 be reunited? Well, that's not entirely clear just yet. The report says BB-8 is going to be kicking it with Finn and someone called "Rose" for a good portion of the narrative. It's unknown if he'll be reclaiming his rightful place in Poe's X-wing in the fight against The First Order.

New And Upgraded Starships

The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Speaking of Poe's black fighter, the superstar pilot will be pimping his ride in preparation for its next battle. The upgrades will include "some new engines making the ship even faster."

His X-wing upgrades aren't the only new additions to the Alliance's fleet. Admiral Holdo may not be Poe's cup of tea, but she is helping out the Resistance by arming them with some "formidable" new ships, which have been codenamed "Honey Droppers:"

"They’re sort of an abstract design but they have ball turrets on them just like the Clone Wars‘ Low Altitude Assault Transports from 'Attack of the Clones.' Supposedly you can see the Resistance fighters in them as they blast TIEs and go up against Supreme Leader Snoke’s Mega Destroyer."

It sounds like they'll be needing those new ships, too— after all, Snoke's Mega Destroyer has been given the intimidating codename of "100 Acre Wood"!

What do you make of these new Last Jedi rumors?

(Source: Making Star Wars)


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