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(WARNING: The following contains major plot SPOILERS for the upcoming seventh season of HBO's Game of Thrones, as well as discussion of several cast members current locations, and their bearing on Season 7. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood Three-Eyed Raven suggests to you is wise.)

Now, while 's has been gently teasing us with occasional fan-favorite team-ups (take a bow, Jaime and Bronn) and long-awaited Stark reunions for awhile now, it seems that Season 7 of the show might just have something a little more substantial in mind.

Y'see, from the sounds of it...

The Latest Game Of Thrones Rumors Are Teasing A Huge Team-Up Event In Season 7

[Game of Thrones/HBO]
[Game of Thrones/HBO]

One that, if it really does shape up in the manner suggested by the latest murmurings from the show's Spanish set, could well shake Westeros to its very core. As such, though, they're also hugely SPOILER-ific, meaning that anyone not inclined to find out certain key details about Game of Thrones Season 7 might want to look away now.

If you're game, though, let's start off with the fact that...

Pretty Much The Entire Game of Thrones Cast Seems To Be Descending On Seville

[Game Of Thrones/HBO]
[Game Of Thrones/HBO]

That, at least, is what recent posts to social media by handily selfie-taking fans seems to suggest. Over the past few weeks, the typically reliable WatchersOnTheWall reports, the Spanish town of Seville has seen appearances from a veritable 'who's who' of Game of Thrones cast members, stretching from the predictable (seeing as Seville has doubled for King's Landing in the past)...

  • Lena Headey (a.k.a. Lannister), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (a.k.a. Lannister, Anton Lesser (a.k.a. Qyburn), Jerome Flynn (a.k.a. Bronn) and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (a.k.a. ). the vaguely SPOILER-ific, but widely anticipated...

  • EmiliaClarke (a.k.a. Targaryen), Peter Dinklage (a.k.a. Lannister), Iain Glen (a.k.a. Jorah Mormont), Conleth Hill (a.k.a. Varys), Alfie Allen (a.k.a. Theon Greyjoy) and Nathalie Emmanuel (a.k.a. Missandei).

...all the way through to the really rather surprising:

  • KitHarington (a.k.a. ), Liam Cunningham (a.k.a. Davos Seaworth), Gwendoline Christie (a.k.a. of Tarth), Daniel Portman (a.k.a. Podrick Payne), Pilou Asbæk (a.k.a. Euron Greyjoy) and, just to get everyone all over-excited, Rory McCann (a.k.a. ).

The most exciting part of all of that, though?

(And note, this is where those aforementioned giant, hulking SPOILERS really start to kick in, so proceed below this handy SPOILER-protecting White Walker with caution...)

[Game Of Thrones/HBO]
[Game Of Thrones/HBO]

Well, according to Watchers on the Wall's unnamed sources, it seems that...

Pretty Much All Of Those Actors Are Set To Appear In One Giant Scene

[Game Of Thrones/HBO]
[Game Of Thrones/HBO]

Yup, that's right. According to on-set reports, Season 7 of Game of Thrones is set to feature a scene (apparently based around a certain Dragon pit) that includes every single one of the actors mentioned above. All 17 of them. Along with, presumably, a whole heap of smaller-roled, but no less beloved, actors who haven't yet been spotted by social media.

Which would, of course, seem to suggest that Season 7 is intending to build to a pretty massive climax of character crossover, with near-enough the full cast of the show appearing alongside another for the first time since the very beginning of Season 1.

Exactly what that means, of course, remains distinctly unclear — though very much open to speculation.

The only problem? It's entirely possible that all of this is simply misdirection on the part of Game of Thrones' producers, with several key cast members perhaps having been briefly flown in to intentionally flummox us all (or to film unrelated scenes in the same area). Indeed, with no on-set images to support the claim, even the idea of all 17 aforementioned characters appearing alongside one another is, while appealing, entirely unproven as of yet.

It sure is a neat idea, though.

While we wait patiently for Game of Thrones to return next year, though, what do you think? What do you think the cast is filming down in Seville? Let us know below!



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