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J-horror flick Sadako 3D 2 is this.close to it's Japanese release date, and there's a new trailer to check out:

Now, here's what I'm thinking. Some franchises have INCREDIBLE longevity. The Sadako franchise itself is an adaptation of Koji Suzuki's book S. And who is Koji Suzuki? None other than the author of Ring, which was made into the definitive Ringu franchise! The J-horror conveyor belt, with its creepy videos and creepier little girls, just doesn't stop turning, clearly.

And here's one pretty interesting tidbit about this production, when you enter the cinema, DON'T turn your phone off. Sadako 3D 2 says it contains the world’s first-ever smartphone 4D effects and Yasunori Minomata of No Future, who are handling promotion for the film in Japan, has stated that “the 4D smartphone application is still in development, but it will include flashes, sounds, vibrations and things appearing on the smartphone screen.”

So, if you fancy a phone call from dear-old Sadako (and she won't be asking you on a date!), get yourselves down to the Japanese multiplex on August 30th.

What does everybody think about Sadako 3D 2? A J-horror aficionado? Jump in below with your comments!


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