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Now, if there's one piece of news you probably don't want to hear today, it's that a corporation has managed to take hold of your nearest piece of cellular technology, and is using it for some sort of mildly nefarious scheme. After all, while 2017 may yet prove to be the beginning of a post-apocalyptic morality tale in which only the strong and orange survive, we're not quite there yet.

As such, it's pretty darned fortunate that the corporation in question is , and that they've clearly done a cross-promotional deal with Apple to bring a cunningly hidden to iPhones around the world. That's right:

'The Lego Batman Movie' Just Invaded Your iPhone And Left Easter Eggs In There

'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Lego Batman Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Specifically, it appears that has attached itself to Apple's personal assistant Siri, enabling fans the world over to giggle uncontrollably from the comfort of their nearest iPhone. Y'see, when you say "hey, puter" to Siri, the computer's response will make the assumption that you are, in fact, Lego Batman himself:

[Credit: Apple/]
[Credit: Apple/]

Which is, of course, a very silly thing, but also exactly the sort of goofy, cross-promotional Easter Egg that works remarkably well on pretty much all of us. Sadly, the interaction with Siri will neither make you some sort of actual Batman, nor gift you with the ability to sound exactly like , but that at least gives Apple something to aspire to with the next generation of iPhone.

What do you think, though? Are you excited to trick your phone into calling you Lego Batman? Let us know below!



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