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Warner Bros. are clearly confident that The LEGO Movie is going to be a huge hit when it opens at the weekend.

The movie studio has already started working on a sequel to the film based on the popular kids' toys. Two individuals who have insight into the inner workings of the studio's plans have let slip that who wrote The Internship is currently working on the script for The LEGO Movie 2 with of Girl Most Likely fame.

A screenshot from The Lego Movie

and Christopher Miller wrote the original Lego Movie and Stern's involvement in penning the second movie was born out of the creative consortium of top-notch writers Warner Bros. created to nurture and promote new animated projects.

Advanced market research suggests that The LEGO Movie will slaughter its competition at the box office. It is predicted the animated feature will rake in over $40 million this weekend which dwarfs the forecasts for competition such as Vampire Academy and The Monuments Men.

Are you guys already psyched for The LEGO Movie 2?

(Source: The Wrap)

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