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Universal has decided to move the release date for 's Lone Survivor movie up by two weeks, to allow the movie to qualify for the 2014 Oscars.

According to Deadline, while the original early 2014 date made it easy for the Lone Survivor movie to seem like just another dumping ground actioner, now the studio have sought 27th December, 2013, as the release, which gives the movie an Oscar-qualifying turn.

This time around we're looking at in the lead, supported by one helluva cast, made up of , , and .

The Lone Ranger movie is based on a true story about "Operation Red Wing", the failed 2005 mission in which 10 SEAL team members were tasked with assassinating a Taliban member close to Osama Bin Laden. The title of the movie, which is adapted from Marcus Luttrell's bestselling book, gives you a pretty good idea of how it all turned out...

As much as the Lone Survivor movie sounds like a possible Oscar contender, in the vein of Zero Dark Thirty, I highly doubt that the final product will be one, considering it is directed the man who gave us Battleship and Hancock. Still, perhaps this is the movie with which Berg might finally realize his true potential.

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