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After what may have seemed like forever, the long-delayed sequel (supposedly titled Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral) is finally about to begin shooting, with pre-production (confirmed by Bloody Disgusting) to be currently underway in Louisiana.

By August of this year, it will have been 14 years since the release of Jeepers Creepers 2. For fans of the horror series, the wait has been too long and any sign of life from Jeepers Creepers 3 is more than enough to hope again. As production finally enters its initial stages, here's a look back at the long road that may end in the theatrical release of Jeepers Creepers 3. (But first, let's refresh or memory with a look at the original trailer below.)

A Creeping Past

Victor Salva's mug shot
Victor Salva's mug shot

As director Victor Salva rose to fame in the horror-movie landscape thanks to the sleeper successes of both Jeepers Creepers and its sequel, disturbing details of his shady past began to surface. It was revealed that Salva is in fact, a convicted pedophile.

In 1988, Salva was arrested for sexual abuse and molestation involving an underage boy on the set of his horror movie Clownhouse, which was released a year later.

He was charged for sexual misconduct, engaging in oral sex with a person under the age of 14, filming said acts and possession of child pornography - to all of which he pleaded guilty. Salva served only 15 months of what should have been a three year sentence, successfully completing his parole by 1992.

Clownhouse: Now 10 times more disturbing than intended
Clownhouse: Now 10 times more disturbing than intended

The controversy hounded Salva all the way to the opening of his first major feature film after conviction, Powder (1995), with the victim Nathan Forrest calling for a boycott of the film. Though stood its ground and promoted the movie as originally planned, Powder was the first and last collaboration Salva had with the company.

The revelations of Salva's past crimes painted many of his movies in a new light, especially in the depictions of men and questionable shots that usually focused too much on the underage bodies of boys. Factor in the Creeper's modus operandi - i.e. stalking underage victims (mostly boys) and then devouring parts of them - and Salva's films become a twisted instance of life imitating art.

Read this for more information.

Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers 2 [United Artists]
Jeepers Creepers 2 [United Artists]

Though unconfirmed, the controversy surrounding Salva is said to be a major part of the reason why Jeepers Creepers 3 took so long to get off the ground. The feared backlash could have played a part in the production's sudden shut down back in April, though no comment was given from the filmmakers at the time.

Nevertheless, Salva's past was more than enough for Canadian authorities to prohibit him from shooting the third entry anywhere in Canada. This would explain the production's move to Louisiana, as Bloody Disgusting reported.

Jeepers Creepers 2 [United Artists]
Jeepers Creepers 2 [United Artists]

In March 2016, Deadline reported that the Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP) issued a warning against Salva, urging actors to avoid working with the man. When the notice was made public, the online resource provider Breakdown Services took down any and all ads that were promoting job openings for Jeepers Creepers 3.

One casting call in particular raised eyebrows, since it asked for an actress to fill in the role of the 18 year old Addison. Addison, according to the casting call, has a stepfather who made “overtures” at her when she was only 13 years old. Given Salva's past with minors, it's more than understandable why Canada urged its citizens to avoid the production of the third installment of his signature horror movie series.

The End?

The Creeper, in both name and action
The Creeper, in both name and action

Salva's continued involvement in Jeepers Creepers 3 will undoubtedly rekindle the age-old debate of separating an artist's works from their personal lives. Thanks to his past, Salva now joins the likes of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski as talented filmmakers who controversially got off lightly despite the serious allegations charged against them.

Many horror fans have enjoyed the Jeepers Creepers franchise so far and would like to have a proper conclusion to see how the two previous movies' survivors would join forces to finally beat the Creeper. However, Salva's past makes it difficult for a number of fans (myself included) to support any project in which he's involved as his crimes are more disturbing than whatever the Creeper will be doing in his third cinematic outing.

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Jeepers Creepers 3 is still a long way from happening and only time will tell if it will even go beyond pre-production. While shooting nears commencement, the matters about artists and their misdeeds is sure to be in the spotlight once more, and this will surely lead to some interesting discussions.

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