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The Magnificent Seven is a remake of the classic 1960 film, itself an adaptation of the Akira Kurosawa movie Seven Samurai. It will be directed by Antoine Fuqua, director of the Oscar-winning Training Day and The Equalizer.

Here at Movie Pilot we have assembled your ultimate guide to the upcoming western to help you keep track of what to expect from the highly-anticipated film. Expect all The Magnificent Seven news and rumors in one place:

The Magnificent Seven News and Rumors:

Sony Pictures.
Sony Pictures.

This article will be updated daily leading up to the films release and will also be tracking its critical and commercial success.

Updated: 26/09/16

Just as been predicted, The Magnificent Seven has opened to a strong weekend of $35 million, taking it to the top of the Box Office, ahead of Storks and Sully. It also sports a favourable cinemascore of A-.

Updated: 23/09/16

Reviews for the film have got worse - currently leading it to sport a lukewarm score of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Empire writes:

Slick but forgettable, Fuqua's suicide squad is a macho posse movie that could use a jab of fun. It's The Magnificent Seven, but the "magnificent" is silent.

And Variety find the climax useless:

Bogue shows up with his army and a gleaming black-and-gold Gatling gun, and the film basically says, 'Let the Old West mortal-combat videogames begin!' Pistols, tomahawks, bow and arrows, that bullet-spraying Gatling gun: All are deployed to standard destructive effect. That seven sharpshooters could take on this many bad guys and never raise our pulses by a beat says something about the audience threshold for outrageous violence – but then, we've seen it all 70 times before.

Check out a complete round up here:

Updated: 21/09/16

Variety are projecting a strong opening for The Magnificent Seven this weekend. It will open on 3,665 locations stateside, whilst also being rolled out in Germany, the UK, and Brazil, among others. Variety are predicting a strong opening of $35 million.

Updated: 09/09/16

Reviews so far for the movie have been mixed. Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter gave it a negative review saying that:

"Nothing particularly original or fresh has been injected into this competently made, violent but uningratiating remake of the star-studded John Sturges Western"

However, David Ehrlich from Indiewire writes that it is a "A fun and surprisingly fresh Western that takes aim at Donald Trump's America."

Updated: 09/09/16

In the Toronto Press Conference for the film, Fuqua has said that picking Denzel wasn't motivated by diversity. As he says:

"I just wanted to see Denzel Washington on a horse. I didn't think about colour. I didn't think about it as an event. It wasn't to make a statement."

Updated: 09/08/16

According to Entertainment Times, the stunt men had a blast working on the movie. Antoine Fuqua is quoted as saying:

"I can't count how many guys got shot off horses, stunts through windows. They were in heaven"

Updated 09/02/16:

Talking to the Toronto Sun, Antoine Fuqua says he wanted to get back to the themes of the original Japanese masterpiece:

"The Magnificent Seven, to me—I go back to Kurosawa again: the word Samurai means to serve. That’s really what I want to say. In this world today, with tyranny, and bullying and all these things, sometimes a group of people have to come together, from all races, doesn’t matter male or female, to stop tyranny. Sometimes it’s a sacrifice to do the right thing, to help someone else for no other reason than because it’s the right thing to do"

The Magnificent Seven Trailers

There have currently been two main The Magnificent Seven trailers. Check them out below:

  • Teaser Trailer:

This enigmatic teaser, shows that the town of Rose Krick being beleaguered by bad guys, and a job that definitely needs some dirty work to get done.

  • Official Trailer:

The Official Trailer introduces us to each member of The Magnificent Seven, and the sheer difficulty of the job of saving the town that needs doing. We are also introduced to bad guy Bathelomew Bogue and Emma Cullen, who hires the gang.

The Magnificent Seven Release Date:

The Magnificent Seven had its premier at the Toronto Film Festival before being released domestically on September 23rd.

The Magnificent Seven Plot Outline:

Seven Samurai. Toho Company.
Seven Samurai. Toho Company.

The Magnificent Seven plot will likely strong resemble that Seven Samurai and the original The Magnificent Seven (1960). The film sees the 'seven' employed by Haley Bennett to save the town of Rose Krick from the evil Bathelomew Bogue. The first half shall probably see the piecing together of the crew, led by Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington), whilst the second half will lead up to and proceed during the violent siege of the town by Bogue's men.

The Magnificent Seven Cast:

The Seven Stroll Into Town. Sony Pictures.
The Seven Stroll Into Town. Sony Pictures.

The Main Seven:

  • Denzel Washington: The Leader

Heading up The Magnificent Seven cast is Denzel Washington, a cornerstone of American cinema with six Oscar nominations and two wins to his name.

  • Chris Pratt: The Gambler

Somehow being the guy next door and a movie star at the same time, it seems appropriate that Chris Pratt will play The Gambler. Here he will build upon his immense likability garnered from both Guardians of The Galaxy and Jurassic World.

  • Ethan Hawke: The Sharpshooter

An actor known for bouncing between indie films such as the Before series, and more straightforward genre fare such as Sinister, Ethan Hawke has never been shy of a challenge.

  • Vincent D'Onofrio: The Tracker

Most famous for his role as Kingpin in Marvel's Daredevil, D'onofrio has proved himself a particularly adept actor over the years, whether its his breakout role in Full Metal Jacket, or as the terrifying bug in Men In Black.

  • Byung-hun Lee: The Assassin

Making his name in South Korean hits such as A Bittersweet Life and The Good, The Bad and The Weird, Byung-hun Lee crossed over to American action cinema with G.I Joe and Red 2. Let's hope The Magnificent Seven is slightly more memorable than those two!

  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo: The Outlaw

The Magnificent Seven marks Garcia-Rulfo's first Hollywood performance, although he was in the TV remake of From Dusk Till Dawn and the Jennifer Aniston vehicle Cake.

  • Martin Sensmeier: The Warrior

Growing up with the Tlingit and Koyukon-Athabascan tribes of Alaska, Sensmeier brings real authenticity to his role as The Warrior, a native American who chooses to fight with a bow and arrow as opposed to a gun.

Also Starring:

  • Peter Sarsgaard: Barthelomew Bogue, an industrialist and the bad guy

Peter Sarsgaard is an American actor, most well known for playing serial killer John Lotter in Boys Don't Cry, and for more comic performances in Garden State and The Year of The Dog.

  • Haley Bennett: Emma Cullen, the women who hires the seven

Making her acting debut in the Hugh Grant film Music and Lyrics, this will be one of two Hollywood blockbusters she stars in this year, the other being The Girl On The Train.

  • Matt Bomer: Matthew Cullen, Emma's deceased husband
  • Luke Grimes: Teddy Q.
  • Sean Bridgers: Fanning
  • Billy Slaughter: Josiah
  • Cam Gigandet: McCann
  • Vinnie Jones (uncredited)

The Magnificent Seven Characters

  • The Leader:

Sam Chisolm is a bounty hunter. He chases bad guys, and it is up to him to rally the team together.

  • The Gambler:

Described as a bit of a fox and a trickster, he is also an alcoholic who likes the ladies. With an extreme fondness for explosives and gambling, he is definitely the wild card of the bunch. Of all The Magnificent Seven characters, we expect The Gambler to provide the most comic-relief.

  • The Sharpshooter:

Described by Hawke as "not a hero" - he is a genius sharpshooter suffering from various internal demons. It seems here he will have to overcome himself if he wants to save the team.

  • The Tracker:

Jack Thorne joins in after he is robbed of all his stuff. Becoming a "little rough around the edges", he is needed by the gang in order to track the enemy's footsteps. His favourite weapon is the ax.

  • The Assassin:

Billy Rocks is the most technically accomplished of the bunch when its comes to using knives. Described by Fuqua as a "ballet dancer" I reckon he will take all the best, most acrobatic scenes.

  • The Outlaw:

Vasquez has always been a bandit and a criminal. On the run for several months, he takes Chisolms proposition because he has "nothing to lose".

  • The Warrior:

Armed not with a gun but a bow and arrow, Red Harvest is estranged from his tribe. Tracking the six, upon meeting them he decides to join instead.

  • The Villain:

A change of tack for usually comic actor Peter Sarsgaard, villain Barthelomew Bogue is the wealthy industrialist the Seven are employed to kill. Taking what he wants with glee, he is going to be a difficult man to take down.

  • The Girl:

Haley Bennett plays Emma Cullen, who upon seeing her husband being murdered by Bogue, seeks the Seven's help.

The Magnificent Seven Spoilers

This part will be updated with The Magnificent Seven spoilers following the release of the film.

The Magnificent Seven Poster:

Where To Watch The Magnificent Seven Online

The film has yet to hit theatres, so there are no streaming services which currently allow you to watch The Magnificent Seven online. This section will be updated when it becomes available.

Will You Be Watching The Seven Ride?


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