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is a modern classic that revolutionized the movie industry in numerous ways. It explored several different concepts that had been barely touched upon in a way that had us questioning our reality several times a day, not to mention the invention of the now-ubiquitous bullet time visual effect. The last two installments of the trilogy weren't as well received, but the first film is still close to the hearts of millions of nerds around the world.

But it's time to break out your latex and sunglasses again. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Warner Bros. is currently developing a Matrix reboot. According to their sources, the project is still in very early stages and it will be a while before it hits theaters, but (The Avengers, X-Men 2, Ready Player One) is in talks to write a treatment. If you weren't a fan of the last two entires in the Matrix franchise, don't worry, because the Wachowskis are reportedly not involved with this new version of the story.

Also, don't expect to star in the reboot, as the studio is eyeing Creed's to play the protagonist. Earlier in the year, Reeves talked about the possibility of him appearing in another Matrix movie, stating:

“They would have to write it and direct it. And then we’d see what the story is, but yeah, I dunno, that’d be weird, but why not?”

So with that relatively indifferent answer—and the fact he's now living his best post-Matrix life with the franchise—it seems unlikely he'll be involved in any way other than perhaps a brief came

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But that may not be such a bad thing, because according to the report, Warner Bros. is trying to follow 's model with Star Wars and standalone movies like Rogue One, which explore different corners of their universe. So it's entirely possible the new Matrix won't focus on a new version of Neo and a retelling of his story, but will revolve around an entirely different character.

While this might cause a lot of unnecessary controversy around the fan community, you never know. We could end up with a much better trilogy than the original with much stronger sequels.

Are you excited for a new version of the film? Let me know in the comments!

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