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Fans have often debated whether or not Marvel will eventually connect its Cinematic Universe with its TV Universe. Whereas DC shows simply don't acknowledge the existence of the movie continuity, Marvel has kept its small screen world more in sync with all the movies it releases. Shows like Marvel's Agent Carter and Agents of Shield have often featured appearances of characters from the Marvel Studios films. The Netflix slate of Marvel TV Shows, though more popular, have yet to feature any characters from the MCU.

However, this doesn't mean that the world the Marvel Netflix shows have built up isn't the same one as that of the Avengers, with the shows often hinting at events from Marvel films. Now, Marvel and Netflix's latest offering, The Punisher, tightens its noose around the MCU world by tying in to some major Marvel films.

Although the series contains loads of Easter Eggs regarding the antihero's comicbook origins, it's the two MCU ones which are the most exciting especially considering that Marvel Netflix shows have been criticized lately for not including enough MCU references. And these two Easter Eggs may mean that Marvel is going to be more open in the future in incorporating events from the MCU within its TV world.

The News Report

One of the major news networks in the MCU is a channel called WHiH. The channel functions as a faux news network for all things MCU, and can be found at Youtube where it often reports events and sometimes even interviews Marvel actors as they speak in character. The very same news network was used in The Punisher to show that the media had started reporting that Frank Castle was alive.

Avengers & The Incredible Hulk

The show also makes a reference to the Hulk, in the series' ninth episode. While Karen is in her office at the New York Bulletin, we see two framed news articles behind her. One of them is entitled "Harlem Terror", alluding to the big fight in The Incredible Hulk that takes place in Harlem.

'The Punisher' [Credit: Netflix]
'The Punisher' [Credit: Netflix]

We can also spot a news article about the "Battle Of NY" — the in-universe name for the events of the very first Avengers movie. The "battle" has been referred to in other Marvel TV shows too, including Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Although it's nice to see that Marvel's Netflix branch exists in the same world as the , it would be even better if one of the major stars of the films end up on any of these shows. Till then though, we can stare wistfully at every newspaper clipping in Karen's office, in hopes that one day she'd be reporting a story about something amazing like Black Widow and Daredevil teaming up together.

What do you think of these Easter Eggs? And would you like Marvel to have its TV and movie worlds collide? Comment below.


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