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BBC/Starz collaboration, The Missing, has been off the air for just over two years, but it's ready to make a triumphant return in just a few short weeks. Having already debuted in the U.K. back in October, the second season will make its highly-anticipated return to U.S. screens early next month. You can check out the first trailer for the second season below:

But what is it about the new season that should entice viewers to return? Having had the pleasure of taking an early look myself, I've come up with a few excellent reasons (spoiler free) about why fans should be over-the-moon excited for the upcoming February premiere of .

1. An Answer To That Burning Question

Frances O'Connor and James Nesbitt portrayed the grieving parents in season 1
Frances O'Connor and James Nesbitt portrayed the grieving parents in season 1

Season 1 left audiences perplexed with a number of questions that went unanswered. The most prominent was the pivot around which the entire Season 1 plot hinged: What exactly became of the little boy who went missing? His parents, Emily and Tony Hughes, played by Frances O'Connor and James Nesbitt, spent the entire first season searching for their son, always finding momentum to go on with one game-changing clue at a time.

In the end, though the parents were presented with an answer of what ultimately became of their son, the same answer was denied to the viewers. It was later revealed by the creators of the series that the point of the first season was never to actually answer the question, only to prove that people never truly change. This was especially true of Tony, who was seen still endlessly wandering the world in search of his missing son.

If you watch closely, however, you can spot an answer to the mystery in the first episode of Season 2. So, pay attention when it airs because the answer comes quick and doesn't stick around long.

2. A New Heartbreaking Story All Its Own

Tchéky Karyo reprises his role as Det. Julien Baptiste for the second season
Tchéky Karyo reprises his role as Det. Julien Baptiste for the second season

Many who stuck around for the entirety of the first season were left in shock and even tears over the Season 1 finale. Without giving too much away for those who have yet to see it, it was definitely an exhausting roller-coaster ride of emotions throughout.

The second season is really no different in that aspect. However, the formula for storytelling has vastly altered from the original. Instead of spending an entire season searching for someone, we spend the second season trying to unravel the mystery that surrounds every new episode and revelation.

Although the series does follow the extremely popular anthology series format, you can expect a familiar face to return this year. Tchéky Karyo will reprise his role as Detective Julien Baptiste, once again returning from retirement to bring closure to a case long believed dead.

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3. Emmy-Worthy Performances Once Again

Joining Tchéky Karyo this time around are David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) and Keeley Hawes (The Casual Vacancy) as the parents of a young girl named Alice Webster who went missing in 2003. They are joined by the likes of Roger Allam (V For Vendetta, Game Of Thrones), Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad), and Abigail Hardingham (Nina Forever) as Alice Webster. Anastasia Hille also reprises her role from Season 1 as Celia Baptiste.

The focus, though the cast is stacked with talent, is once again on the main trio of Detective Baptiste and the parents of Alice Webster. Though Morrissey's performance leaves a little to be desired, both Tchéky Karyo and Keeley Hawes knock it out of the park and establish themselves early on as obvious contenders. Hawes in particular will likely be seen as the standout of the series.

If all this doesn't get you pumped to watch the upcoming second season, you'll have to just take my word for it. It's incredible. And although the season breaks near entirely from the storytelling of the first season, it can judged as on par with or even better than how the original story unfolded.

If anything, the brilliant writing and creation of the second season's story alone is totally worth it. What Jack and Harry Williams have managed to create is breathtaking. The Missing establishes a new gold standard for the burgeoning genre.

'The Missing' will make its return to Starz on Sunday, February 12. Will you be tuning in as the new mystery unfolds?


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