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The Mist rolled headfirst into the Season 1 finale this week and it was anything but a perfect day. After a slow build-up, the tenth episode finally let loose with some of the most disturbing deaths seen on the show so far. However, among all of the incest and mist-powered snakes, "The Tenth Meal" also paid homage to other Stephen King stories while offering us more clues than ever regarding the nature of the mist.

Join us as we explore a number of Easter Eggs and references in the tenth episode of , including some neat parallels to Frank Darabont's movie adaptation and a potential explanation of the mist itself.

1. Keeping It In The Family

In a twist that added whole new levels of "ew" to the alleged rape of Alex, it turns out that Jay is in fact her half brother. While we discovered a few episodes back that Jay wasn't responsible for her sexual assault, the two did still kiss and make gooey eyes at each other for the bulk of the season.

This isn't the first time that incest has popped up in a Stephen King story, though. It was strongly hinted throughout IT that Beverley Marsh's father sexually assaulted her, Dolores Claiborne's husband molested her daughter, and the mother/son Brady combo in Sleepwalkers also enjoyed some familial loving on more than one occasion.

2. We Mist You, Mrs Carmody

When the incestuous nature of Jay and Alex's relationship comes to light, one of the angry bystanders declares:

"Mrs Carmody was right. These people will do anything... she's sick!"

This was both a neat callback to the first episode of The Mist and Frank Darabont's movie adaptation, where Mrs Carmody took on a key role instead of unceremoniously dying like she did in the TV pilot.

3. The Arrowhead Project Won't Miss The Mark

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

Further hints regarding the true nature of the Arrowhead Project are threaded throughout the Season 1 finale, including mention of a certain doctor who is apparently the only reason why Jonah is still alive. Desperate to recover his memories, the former soldier heads to where it all began, potentially uncovering the secrets of the mist along the way. If The Mist is renewed for a second season, show runner Christian Torpe assured us personally that the secrets behind this government experiment will finally be revealed.

4. The True Mist

Once the mist was unleashed into the mall, all hell literally broke loose as each person's individual fears were brought to life, bringing them all an excruciating death. However, among the snakes and screaming folk, the death of Nathalie Raven is the most interesting of all.

After seeing her dead husband, Frances Conroy's character discovered that she had her very own zombie baby clutched to her teat, which she proceeded to feed with her own milk. While the scene was initially rather touching in a morbid kind of way, it soon became apparent that the baby was literally sucking the life force out from her, leaving nothing but a dried husk behind.

In some ways, this was rather reminiscent of how The True Knot operate in King's novel Doctor Sleep, where vampiric creatures steal the life force of children. Of course, this example inverts the process, but the way in which the mist also seemed to feed off Jay before he died too suggests that both evils feed off psychic energy. This isn't the first time that the mist has appeared to be sentient, but never before has it appeared to act so deliberately.

5. Orange Is The New Mist

The Season 1 finale of The Mist finally unveiled the chaos that typified Frank Darabont's movie adaptation, albeit with a more gradual build up. Much like the characters from the film, our "heroes" escaped from the mall in their car during the show's final moments, driving off into the wilderness too.

Here though, viewers were introduced to a new twist in the form of a train which arrived containing a number of prisoners. These orange-clad inmates were forced off the carriages by what looked like soldiers who pushed them out into the mist. While their intentions appeared unclear to us, Kevin seemed to believe that the soldiers had a rather dark purpose for this train ride: "They're feeding it."

Does this mean that soldiers from The Arrowhead Project are sacrificing people to the mist just like the film Cabin In The Woods? Will any of these prisoners cause problems for our incest-loving heroes? And is a crossover with Orange In The New Black in store for us?

Show runner Christian Torpe promised us that the mist would be lifted from our eyes if the show is renewed for a second season, finally revealing all of the secrets that lurk within. Check back with us regularly as we keep you up to date with the latest news on this Stephen King adaptation and whether a Season 2 renewal is officially on the cards.

What was your favorite scene from the tenth episode of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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