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The Mist rolled into multiple locations this week, as we rejoined the citizens of Bridgton trapped in the church and mall. Among the suspicious owls, melting gurneys and insidious experiments, 'The Devil You Know' included a number of Stephen King references, some of which might help explain where the mist actually comes from.

Join us as we explore a variety of Easter Eggs in the sixth episode of The Mist, including another nod to The Shining and a reference to The Dark Half, one of Stephen King's most underrated stories.

1. Twinners

'The Devil You Know' opened with a fight between our Bryan Hunt and the real soldier whose name he stole before the mist rolled into town. Doppelgangers are a recurrent theme in King's work, most prominently seen in his novels The Dark Half and The Shining, along with their subsequent movie adaptations. However, doubles also exist between dimensions in the world that King has created.

Known as "Twinners," these duplicates appear throughout saga, most notably in the form of Jake Chambers and his twinner Bobby Garfield from Hearts in Atlantis. took this motif to its most literal extreme at the end of the episode, when Kevin saw an actual double appear before him after being injected with drugs.

2. "Thanks, Crazy Lady"

Religious fanaticism plays a huge role in Frank Darabont's movie adaptation, so it's no surprise to see this rear its head more and more as Season 1 of The Mist unfolds too. Referred to as a "crazy lady," Nathalie Raven has been compared before to Mrs Carmody, but Frances Conroy's character and this zealot follow altogether different strands of religion. Instead, it's the priests aide who reminds us most of Carmody now, trying to kill Raven for her blasphemy before she turned the tide and exposed him to the threat of the mist.

3. Art Imitates Life

To inspire hope among the survivors holed up in the mall, Eve Copeland created flyers that suggest the Maine Territorial Guard will soon arrive to save the town of Bridgton. Funnily enough, NBC reported that and his wife Tabitha have already returned the favor in real life, donating $13,000 to 150 soldiers from the Maine Army National Guard so that they can return home for Christmas.

4. The Mist a.k.a. The Thing Of Evil

As anyone who's seen Molly the Corgi on Stephen King's social media accounts can attest to, dogs should not be trusted. Sadly, a woman called Pam from Bridgton was entirely unaware of this, excited to see her dogs approach her in the mist, only for them to then eat her. Did we learn nothing from Cujo, people?

5. "Let Me Help You Die"

At the end of this week's episode, Mia encountered something that impersonated her dead mother in a bid to convince her to commit suicide. Not only did this scene confirm that the mist actively responds to the individual fears of each person it terrorizes, but the scene also contained a few more nods to The Shining.

"Welcome home, baby doll."

As this sentence appeared scrawled across a bedroom wall, we couldn't help but notice that the floral pattern closely resembled one seen in Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of . When Mia's mother proceeded to attack her, similarities between this impersonator and the old lady from Room 237 also became immediately apparent, continuing the homages to The Shining seen in last week's episode.

Tune into Spike TV each Thursday to uncover the secrets of The Mist and check back weekly to discover what you missed. What was your favorite scene from the sixth episode of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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