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The Mist revealed its most gruesome episode yet this week, as skin was flayed, brains were bashed in and a priest was dragged through Bridgton via a spear through his chest. Among the violence and surprising butt shots, 'Over The River And Through the Woods' also included a number of Stephen King references that might hint further at where the mist comes from.

Join us as we explore a variety of Easter Eggs in the seventh episode of The Mist, including another nod to IT and an abstract reference to The Stand, one of Stephen King's most epic stories ever told.

1. Room PSY 135

After Room 237 from The Shining was referenced last week, another room number may hold further significance for fans of Stephen King. Sure, it's probably just a coincidence, but we were rather intrigued by the fact that 135 also happens to be the running time of the first IT movie adaptation, news of which was just revealed the same week that this episode aired. Perhaps ka is at work here, after all.

2. The Shining Or The Shinning?

Throughout Stephen King's shared universe, there are a wide variety of characters who possess unique abilities that allow them to see beyond the normal realms of reality, most notably in . In this week's episode of The Mist, the mentally ill patient who tries to kill Adrian argues that he too can sense the good and evil in people. While we're led to believe that these are the rants of a lunatic, there's also a chance that he can in fact sense something dark, using paranormal abilities that aren't uncommon in Stephen King's world.

3. Trial By Ordeal

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

The clash between nature and religion came to a head this week when Father Romanov and Nathalie Raven decided to both walk out into the mist and test their faith. Whoever survived the ordeal would become the new leader of those trapped in the church. Yep, you read that right. Two people willingly walked out into the mist, knowing full well at least one of them was walking to their death. While we have seen characters from previous adaptations venture out to rescue someone or seek help, this is the first time that we've seen anyone willingly risk death in the mist just to make sense of it all.

"You really believe in all of this? Fallen angels... resurrection... and you think I'm crazy!?"

You're both crazy. Deal with it.

4. How I Met Your Hooters

Speaking of crazy, who else was taken aback by Frances Conroy's unexpected nude scene this week? Raven's decision to remove all of her clothing aligned perfectly with her belief in nature as a primal force, one that's responsible for the mist's arrival in Bridgton. Fans of How I Met Your Mother may also recall that Conroy has appeared (semi) nude on TV once before, stripping down to a black bra in the episode titled 'The Poker Game'.

5. Take A Stand

As if the leeches and mutant moths weren't surprising enough, dived completely into biblical territory this week with an appearance from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who unceremoniously killed Father Romanov and dragged him away. Not only does this demonstrate once again that the mist plays on people's individual fears, it also reminds us of a similar struggle that played out in The Stand. This epic novel also pitted two separate belief systems against one another, and the villainous Randall Flagg is often likened to the Horseman of Death, who spread plague and pestilence much like the virus Captain Trips.

Tune into Spike TV each Thursday to uncover the secrets of The Mist and check back weekly to discover what you missed. What was your favorite scene from the seventh episode of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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