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The Mist kicked things up another notch this week, burning people alive with gleeful abandon. However, among the dolphin bracelets and Nick Cave tunes, 'The Law of Nature' also included a number of references to other adaptations of Stephen King's story that might help explain the origins of the mist.

Join us as we explore a number of Easter Eggs and Stephen King references in the eighth episode of The Mist, including a deeper exploration of the Arrowhead Project and those delightful Pterobuzzards from Frank Darabont's movie.

1. The Black Spring Punishes The Town?

The legend of The Black Spring has rolled into the mist on numerous occasions so far, but now that Season 1 of Christian Torpe's show is heading to its conclusion, it seems as though this mysterious event from 1860 may play a bigger role than we first realized. While the Black Spring is mentioned in Stephen King's original novella, here it becomes the catalyst for Nathalie Raven to plan murder. Believing that Jay's alleged rape of Alex caused the mist to appear, Frances Conroy's character is now heading to the mall to kill him and satiate nature's need for revenge.

"Only after the disease is purged will it move away from here."

2. The Birds

The Mist [Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]
The Mist [Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer]

Birds haven't been this deadly since Tippi Hedren first pissed them off in Alfred Hitchcock's movie from 1963, but deadly threats from nature have now become par for the course in the town of Bridgton. Adrian's mother suffered a horrific fate, pecked to death on her doorstep, yet this is still better than the deaths that befell those who crossed the Pterobuzzards in the original novella and subsequent movie adaptation of The Mist.

In these versions of the story, the Pterobuzzards are nightmarish albino creatures which bear more than a passing resemblance to pterodactyls. Of course, Adrian's mother could have been attacked by something similar, but we imagine that her homophobic husband would have mentioned them while recounting her death to his son.

3. Jonah's Arrowhead Comes To The Fore

With possibly the worst timing ever, Jonah Dixon discusses the possibility that he may have a wife after enjoying sexy time with Mia. It seems that the answers to his amnesia and more may lie with the Arrowhead Project, but Dixon isn't keen to seek them out after killing the real Bryan Hunt. This lines up with what showrunner Christian Torpe described during our interview, explaining that the Arrowhead Project will become more prominent in Season 2 — much like Dixon's own little arrowhead, if he continues having sex with Mia.

4. The Mist Will Spring Surprises On You

Eve's plan to trap Jay in order to keep him away from Alex is more vacuous than the mist itself. After all, people (including her daughter) will quickly notice when the boy goes missing, and the town mall isn't that big. However, we couldn't help but be amused by seeing the word "springs" emblazoned on the water bottles that Alex left behind for him after hearing about The Black Spring for most of the episode.

5. Who's The Real Monster?

Following the unhealthy sexual relationship that Adrian developed with his homophobic bully, issues of sexuality came to the fore this week when his father's resentment from Episode 1 exploded in full force. The moment when his father describes Adrian as a monster inadvertently captures the essence of this adaptation, which is far more concerned with the monsters that lie within us all then the literal creatures lurking in the mist outside.

Unfortunately, Adrian's character soon descends into madness, shooting his father after they fight and even attacking Kevin too, lying to their friends about his betrayal. We can't help but feel that this representation of the show's main pansexual character is an overly negative one, reinforcing stereotypes which suggest that people who aren't heterosexual are inherently bad in some way. This is particularly unfortunate given how the pilot episode promised an insightful look into political topics that are relevant to audiences right now in the real world.

Tune into Spike TV each Thursday to uncover the secrets of The Mist and check back weekly to discover what you missed. What was your favorite scene from the eighth episode of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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