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The Mist rolled ever closer to the Season 1 finale this week, revealing more and more of the insanity that lies in the residents of Bridgton. However, among the rat kisses and exploding grenades, 'The Waking Dream' also paid homage to other Stephen King adaptations while offering new hints at the origins of the mist.

Join us as we explore a number of Easter Eggs and Stephen King references in the ninth episode of The Mist, including more insight into the Arrowhead Project and some surprising parallels to a Disney classic...

1. You'll Float Too!

After Nathalie Raven realised that her merry band of lunatics needed to venture to the mall, the group descended into the sewers for safe passage, hidden away from the dangers above ground.

"I never thought I would feel so safe in a sewer."

While the sewers of Bridgton may be relatively safe, it's hard not to think of how this situation would pan out if it took place under the town of Derry, Maine instead. After all, Pennywise the Dancing Clown floats with all of his victims down there and now that the movie adaptation is almost here, this iconic Stephen King story is on our minds more than ever before.

2. Be Prepared!

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the sewer actually isn't so safe if you venture down there with a crackpot nutjob by your side. After one guy breaks his leg, Raven suggests that they leave him behind, comparing him to a wounded gazelle that could slow the group down.

"Don't you see? He'll become part of the circle."

She can't mean the circle of life, surely? The one from Disney's animated masterpiece ? No, surely not... so why does her newly appointed lieutenant then stab the wounded guy's wife at the top of the ladder, allowing her to fall to her death like MUFASA!?

Maybe we're just seeing things. After all, Christian Torpe explained to us how he could connect The Mist to the rest of the Stephen King shared universe, not to Disney movies. Saying that though, Adrian does lie to Alex and her mother soon after, pretending that Kevin is dead. Reminds us of the time that Scar lied by telling the lionesses that Simba had perished too...

3. Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Graveyard Shift [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

During their sojourn into the sewers, Raven and friends also encountered a number of rats who Nathalie describes as "incredible survivors," even giving one a kiss while she described her 'love' for them. Despite this though, we couldn't help but compare Raven's newfound buddies to the giant mutant rats from Graveyard Shift, especially when some started to bite that poor guy's face after he broke his leg.

4. Are We In For A Fiery Showdown?

Ignoring that confusing final scene between Jonah and Wes for a moment, the Arrowhead soldiers finally played a more prominent role in this week's episode, shedding some light on their involvement with the mist. Interestingly enough, the grenade-wielding bystander briefly referred to a vision he had of the army's arrival, where he saw that "everything was on fire." Whether this was real or not, it's worth noting that this is exactly how Frank Darabont's movie adaptation of The Mist ended after the soldiers burned the monsters left behind. Could fire still prove to play a pivotal role in fighting the mist and the creatures that lurk within?

5. Kevin Sees His Own Dark Half

After we first suspected that zombies could shuffle out of the mist, this week's episode brought the undead out in full force, freaking Kevin out with visions of his brother and a bug-infested cop. Once again, it's also hinted that Kevin has a darkness of his own trapped inside, which becomes tangible in the form of an actual double who reminds us of the story The Dark Half.

The end of Episode 9 saw everyone converge on the mall for the big finale next week. Not only does this make sense in narrative terms, but it's also fitting as a supermarket was the main focal point of in every version produced to date.

Tune into Spike TV each Thursday to uncover the secrets of The Mist and check back weekly to discover what you missed. What was your favorite scene from the ninth episode of The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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