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Pennywise the Dancing Clown may be terrifying beyond all measure, but at least we know what IT looks like. For all we know, what lurks in The Mist could be far more terrifying...

A second trailer for Spike TV's adaptation of 's eerie story has rolled in, revealing a whole new host of horrors ready to plague the small town of Bridgton. While the first promo focused largely on the psychological horror of The Mist, the latest trailer features creatures far more terrifying, giving off some decidedly undead vibes in the process.

Check out the second trailer for 'The Mist' titled 'Destruction' below:

Amongst all of the leeches and moths flying out of people's mouths, there's also more violence between survivors in this trailer, verging on Hostel levels of gore and mayhem. However, the cause behind this human-on-human brutality remains unclear.

On the one hand, whatever's hiding in may be exerting its own supernatural influence over the town's residents, causing them to turn on each other, or even reanimate as some kind of zombie. Saying that though, there are also hints that the psychological trauma induced by this tragedy may be all it takes to drive the survivors to madness:

"Take away food, take away water, and people start doing bad things."

In reality, both the human horror and the supernatural threat of The Mist will likely combine in a two-pronged attack on our unfortunate protagonists, ambushing them from all sides.

Neither Stephen King's original story or Frank Darabont's movie adaptation followed the undead route, but if The Mist does throw zombies into the mix, it would make sense in a strange sort of way. After all, Darabont's version featured three actors who went on to star in — Jeffery DeMunn (Dale), Laurie Holden (Andrea), and Melissa McBride (Carol) — which, in turn, could be why why Spike TV may have considered including zombies in their version of the story.

Whether the gory, human-looking attackers turn out to be or something else entirely, one thing's for sure: Few things are more beautiful than destruction... except, perhaps, the extraordinary number of Stephen King adaptations heading our way in the near future.

What kind of monsters will we see in The Mist? Find out exactly what's lurking in The Mist when Spike TV's adaptation descends on Thursday, June 22.


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