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Just like its namesake, the first trailer for The Mist rolled into view out of nowhere this week, changing our lives forever. If you haven't already, check out our first glimpse of Spike TV's take on Stephen King's novella in the clip below:

Dubbed as a "reimagining" of the franchise, Executive Producer Christian Torpe revealed to Lilia's Library that Season 1 of The Mist will draw inspiration from both Stephen King's original story, and Frank Darabont's celebrated movie adaptation:

"It is not the same story as in the book and the movie, nor is it the same characters – but fans of the story will still see clear parallels. I’ve compared it to the way they approached adapting Fargo, not in terms of content, but in how they played with the original material. Some things are exactly the same, some are totally different. Some things you think are the same as in the original, but turn out to be something else entirely. Some things you think make no sense at first but end up tying into the original story."

Haven't the foggiest about what's going on still? Join us as we lift the mist from your eyes and break down exactly how Torpe's version of will parallel the movie and original source material.

'The Mist' TV Show Will Introduce New Victims For The Freaky Monsters

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

The Mist originally followed a band of survivors who locked themselves in a large grocery store, desperate to hide themselves from the horrors that lurked outside in the fog. While this approach makes sense for a self-contained story, it may come as no surprise that The Mist TV show will explore a larger range of lock-down locations, including a church and a mall.

Speaking to EW, Torpe revealed that:

"We establish different little pressure cookers under the influence of whoever the leader would be in those locations. Each of them come up with different theories or beliefs about what's going on. Eventually, the story lines will dovetail and turn into conflicts."

That's not the only thing that's set to change though. While characters such as David Drayton and Mrs Carmody were enveloped in both versions of The Mist seen so far, Torpe's TV show will focus on new characters struggling to hold the otherworldly monsters at bay. However, the first trailer reveals that these survivors may share similar occupations and backgrounds to the characters we're familiar with, hailing primarily from schools, the military, and the church.

'The Mist' TV Show Will Roll In Slow

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

Darabont's 2007 adaptation quickly moves the story forward, shrouding the supermarket in mist after just ten minutes or so. While we imagine that Torpe's version will also introduce the otherworldly vapor early on, the storytelling will likely hew closer to 's slow-burn approach in the original novella.

It's hard to deny that Darabont rushed the opening of his movie somewhat, as he was understandably forced to establish his entire cast at a breakneck speed before the horror could commence. Let's just hope that Torpe is given more freedom to flesh out each of his characters before their flesh is ripped out by the unseen horrors that hide in the mist.

'The Mist' TV Show Will Focus More On Bumping Uglies Than What Goes Bump In The Night

Torpe promises that sex will play a larger role in the TV show than it did in either the movie or the book, titillating viewers while also enabling the writers to explore how lust and attraction can "provoke people’s dark sides."

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

During his interview with EW, Torpe described how Alyssa Sutherland's character, Eve Copeland, has been plagued with controversy following a spate of gossip about her sex-ed class:

“She was sort of a wild child, and the town still subliminally holds her sexuality against her. There’s a lot of misogyny under the surface.”

The first trailer also features more sex than we would expect from a Stephen King adaptation — but then again, what else are you going to do when you're trapped in a mall with no end in sight?

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

Towards the end of the clip, we can clearly see two of the main characters making the beast with two backs, and there's also two gay kisses briefly thrown in too. While one seems to be passionate and genuine, the other is rather worrying, as the affection swiftly turns to violence just moments later. It seems then that The Mist TV show will continue the franchise's penchant for focusing on the monstrous side of humanity, rather than just the supernatural threat that waits outside.

'The Mist' TV Show Will Psych You Out In More Ways Than One

The creatures may be the star attraction in The Mist, but anyone who's seen the movie or read the novella knows that the real monster is Mrs Carmody, a religious zealot who compels her fellow survivors to commit unspeakable acts.

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

While Marcia Gay Harden's character won't return for the TV adaptation, Torpe revealed to EW that the focus will remain mostly on how ordinary people struggle in this brave, new world:

“Unfortunately, I thought it was incredibly timely to do a show about what people do when they are blinded by fear. We look around at what’s going on in the world, and everyone is constantly looking for someone to blame, or someone to lead them to the promised land. They find people to hate, either because of their gender or race or faith. Those are elements we tap into — how fear drives things like misogyny and homophobia.”

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

The trailer confirms this, revealing that The Mist will also bring horrors of a more psychological nature. For the first time yet in the franchise, some of the creatures who terrorise the town appear to look human, suggesting that perhaps those who are taken and killed return as monsters.

"That's what it does... screw with your mind."

As if that wasn't enough, characters such as Nathalie Raven (American Horror Story's Frances Conroy) will also freak us out on a personal level, enjoying “” with the local sheriff. Fortunately though, the TV show won't forget the monsters completely...

'The Mist' TV Show May Not Contain That Ending

The most memorable change made from The Mist novella revolved around the film's ending. If you feel like having your entire soul ripped out of you in the most harrowing scene ever committed to celluloid, please feel free to watch the movie's final scene in its entirety below:

While Torpe admits that he loves this ending, things will play out differently in his version of The Mist, largely because the show is an ongoing saga with no end currently in sight.

Speaking to Lilja, Torpe reveals how the two endings we've seen so far could eventually influence the show:

"I loved [the alternate ending]. It was dark and ironic and brutal. I also loved King’s original ending though. Darabont’s was the political allegory, whereas King’s kept the story in existential metaphor which was beautiful. To me it is not a question of which ending is the best, they are different and it makes me happy that both versions exist. It’s not either/or for me. Where our ending will land I obviously can’t tell you but I can say that it is absolutely one of the places where the show communicates with the movie and the book!"

Whichever direction Torpe chooses, we imagine that The Mist won't recede back into the darkness from whence it came for quite some time yet. After all, the cast only just finished filming the Season 1 finale!

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Whether this "weird cousin to the original material" leaves the same impact as the original ending of The Mist movie remains to be seen, but keep your eyes out for potential cameos from Darabont's film when Torpe's show rolls into our lives on June 22.


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(Source — EW, Lilia's Library Poll Image Credit: Spike TV)


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