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If Hollywood has taught us one thing, it's that shady government organisations are not to be trusted — something which has never been more relevant than it is now. TV's latest addition to this trope is The Arrowhead Project, a secret experiment ran by military scientists who are somehow responsible for creating the titular Mist in Stephen King's TV show.

Knowledge is power, so join us as we explain what we know about The Arrowhead Project so far, and surmise how they may become more prominent as Season 1 of The Mist descends.

What Is The Arrowhead Project?

The Mist TV show opens with a soldier named Bryan Hunt lost in the woods, running from both the memory of who he is and the mist itself. However, the soldier's outfit that Hunt wears is a dead giveaway to fans of the source material, who undoubtedly linked this character with The Arrowhead Project straight away. Hunt may not remember anything at first, but we sure as hell do.

The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]
The Mist [Credit: Spike TV]

Our suspicious are confirmed as the episode progresses, and close-ups of the insignia embroidered on his sleeve reveal that Hunt is in fact linked to The Arrowhead Project. While this version of the symbol is missing a black knight and the horse he rides, the stylized lightning bolt depicted in the 2007 movie can still be seen.

This means that Hunt is officially affiliated with The Arrowhead Project, a secret military experiment that was directly responsible for in every version we've seen so far. While public theories about the organisation believe that The Arrowhead Project has something to do with atoms or agriculture, the reality is that the experiment was designed to create a trans-dimensional window, allowing scientists to see into other dimensions.

What Causes The Mist To Appear?

Neither the novella nor the 2007 movie show exactly how the mist first enters our world, aside from suggesting that The Arrowhead Project went horribly wrong somehow. Fortunately, earlier versions of Frank Darabont's script for the film shed more light on the origins of the mist, and may even link this experiment to The Shop, a secret organisation who appear in a number of Stephen King novels.

In the prologue scene that was eventually cut from the final script, the military scientists working on The Arrowhead Project successfully opened a portal to another dimension inside a containment tank of their design. Unfortunately, lightning struck the base, overloading the machinery to the point where the portal expanded too wide, allowing the mist and the creatures contained within to escape into our dimension.

This makes sense when you consider how the Mist first came from Shaymore, the location of The Arrowhead Project. It can hardly be a coincidence that the police and military personnel then began to head towards Shaymore almost immediately after the mist descends. Someone from The Arrowhead Project must have alerted the authorities as soon as all hell broke loose and these services were on their way to try and contain it. Perhaps these agents were also members of the aforementioned Shop, although that remains to be determined.

The fact that Hunt's memory loss became a key focus from the very first scene suggests that show runner Christian Torpe is keen to shed new light on how The Arrowhead Project became involved in the first place. As each episode of Season 1 progresses, check back for updates on the development of The Arrowhead Project and to see how close the show will stick to the movie's unused yet undoubtedly awesome prologue.

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