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According to the scientists among us, mist is caused by small droplets of water that hang in the air, and are most commonly seen when warm, moist air is suddenly cooled. However, as all Stephen King fans know, everything you were taught in science is a lie. In reality, mist holds far more otherworldly origins, some of which will be explored in Christian Torpe's upcoming TV adaptation of The Mist.

In the first trailer for the upcoming show, American Horror Story alumni Frances Conroy declares that "Mother Nature's had enough," and the pilot episode certainly alludes to this idea, suggesting that the mist itself may be linked with mysterious forces of nature.

However, if either the original novella or Frank Darabont's movie adaptation are anything to go by, then the titular mist of the TV show may hail from a darker, more primal place — and clues to this were spotted in the very first episode.

Where Does The Mist Come From?

While we know that the mist hails from another dimension, no version of the story so far explicitly explains which one — although fans of Stephen King have long suspected that the creatures originate from a place known as the Todash Darkness.

Given that each of King's stories exist in one interconnected universe, it makes sense that this monster-filled void between worlds could be where the mist came from. In novels, the Todash Darkness contains a number of foul beasts that are described as being remarkably similar in appearance to those in The Mist (partly because both sets of creatures live in darkness, and therefore rely on smell rather than sight). The portal that The Arrowhead Project open is in fact known as a Thinny, usually described by King as a weak spot in reality where worlds can collide.

To our knowledge, Stephen King himself has never confirmed that the creatures from The Mist were born in the Todash Darkness, but hardcore fans may have spotted how a story contained within the second issue of The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born alludes to this. In the Marvel comic book series, a beam quake splits the reality of our Earth, releasing evil creatures who rise out of the cracks alongside a thick mist that closely resembles the one seen in Torpe's show. Given that helped oversee The Dark Tower comics, any resemblance between this and The Mist is likely to be intentional.

Will Easter Eggs Or References From The Dark Tower Ever Appear On The Mist TV Show?

Whether this connection was deliberate or not, it seems certain that The Mist TV show will explore the origins of this otherworldly horror in more detail. By its very nature, this extended adaptation will have more time to explore the mechanics behind — but what remains unclear is whether show runner Christian Torpe will explore possible connections with The Dark Tower on his show.

The main issue here, of course, is licensing. Stephen King may have written the source material, but The Mist and The Dark Tower are being adapted by different studios, which makes it unlikely that we'll see any direct links between the two on our screens any time soon. With the Dark Tower movie on its way, such a move could confuse casual audiences, although a sly nod to the shared universe of Stephen King is something that would undoubtedly please hardcore fans, thankee sai.

The creatures hiding in The Mist may be terrifying, but nothing would shock us more than seeing a few other monsters from Stephen King's back catalogue popping up in the town of Bridgton, Maine. It might seem unlikely for now, but lest we forget, Derry's only a hop and a skip away, after all...

Do you think that the mist from the TV show will share similar origins to those seen in the book and movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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