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, actor, writer and director of The Monuments Men, has revealed that the World War II crime-caper won't be arriving this year as planned. Talking to the LA Times Clooney admitted that the visual effects and score were still not finished:

We just didn't have enough time. If any of the effects looked cheesy, the whole movie would look cheesy. We simply don't have enough people to work enough hours to finish it.

Production on The Monuments Men - which also stars , and - only began in March and with shooting wrapping in mid July, there wasn't a whole lot of time to get all the complicated CGI work completed.

It wasn't going to be finished, and I wouldn't want to have my name on it. You don't want it to look like a film that was all done in the computer.

The delay in release of the movie means that The Monuments Men will miss out on a run at the Oscars but as Clooney said, "All we've ever said, from the very beginning, is that we wanted to make a commercial, non-cynical piece of entertainment."

The Monuments Men is now expected to arrive February 2014.


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