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Sure, everyone's favorite time lord, Dr Who, is a staple nostalgia spectacle. But that doesn't mean that the Doc hasn't had his fair share of blunders over the fifty years he's been around.

io9 have compiled an awesome list detailing their favorite mortifying moments from the Doctor, all of which are guaranteed to induce an inward shiver of embarrassment. Here are our favorite guilty pleasures:

I don't know what this is. But it's almost two minutes long.

And it gets worse...

Is it just me or was the doctor delicately licking, sucking and listening to that creature's giant green penis?

Missing from the list: Every episode with Donna Noble. God damn, that harpy was irritating:

Because it's Doctor Who, and because the list was pretty amusing, we're willing to let him off. Let us know your favorite disturbing Dr Who moment in the comment section below.


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