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With Halloween slowly rounding the corner and the crazies all lurking, I thought it suitable to make a list that deals with the abnormal. Some of these characters are evil with strong motives while others are actually very good and relatable. Everyone has a little bit of crazy inside of them and characters like these have a noticeable quality to them. Who likes normal nowadays? This list will include the most captivating deranged minds in cinema that took the world by storm.

Spoilers ahead! Warning: Some graphic material

The Good (Maybe Questionable) Guys

5. Parry, The Fisher King

He is the best of the best. This was one of Robin Williams's greatest performances of all time. In this film set around the wide range of depression, the character Parry Fisher saves a stranger from a suicide attempt. Parry tells the man that he can do great things just as long as he helps him find the Holy Grail. Parry explains that he is sent by God and the only thing that can stop him is the fearsome Red Knight. Although Parry's fragile mind might be odd, it becomes a whole new character and creates a hero out of a very darkened man. God, how we miss you, Robin Williams.

4. Teddy Daniels, Shutter Island

Teddy Daniels is a detective that is sent to a mental hospital on Shutter Island to find a mentally ill woman that allegedly murdered her three children. He reveals to his partner that he has a different motive as he tries to track down the murderer of his own wife. After the movie spans out, it becomes clear that something is very wrong at Shutter Island and that everyone seems to be in on some sick joke.

Apparently, Teddy wasn't Teddy at all and he turned out to be the person he was searching for all along. His wife indeed murdered his children and, in turn, he murdered her out of rage and sadness. This conflicted man has been living at the asylum all this time under his real name: Andrew Laeddis. He couldn't deal with the guilt and instead buries it, living his life through the eyes of detective Edward Daniels.

3. Riggan, Birdman

Riggan is a character that almost anybody can relate to. Riggan is a character that has had it all but still manages to come out on the bottom. He struggles throughout this film as a failing actor that is trying to bring back his success through Broadway stage productions. The only thing that is getting in his way is his recent and most popular movie character, Birdman. Birdman was a superhero that Riggan played in his movie days that reached huge financial success. Now, Birdman is stuck in the back of his mind, warping his ideas, and trying to make him something he's not. He finally realizes that he is one with Birdman and has to make it work.

2. Donnie Darko, Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a troubled teen that receives a message from a monster rabbit named Frank. The message includes a vision of a jet crashing into his house and killing his family. Frank gives Donnie teasers of doomsday events and pushes Donnie to make decisions to save the people around him. While these activities occur, many people realize Donnie's strange behavior and turn him into an outcast. Darko's visions continually get stronger and stronger before he awakens in his bed right before the jet he saw previously crashes into his house.

1. The Narrator, Fight Club

Yes, the one on the right. Fight Club was one of the greatest films to ever catch what mental illness was really like. The Narrator lives out his life as any normal, boring human being and eventually starts to fantasize about a better reality. In comes Tyler Durden. Tyler Durden and The Narrator become friends under strange circumstances after The Narrator's apartment blows up. These two create one of the greatest underground armies of all time called Fight Club. This club was meant for people to take their anger out on one another by beating the absolute crap out of their opponent. Without The Narrator's knowledge, the club becomes a terror group focused on taking out debt by destroying all of the credit card companies. The Narrator soon realizes that Tyler Durden and he are one in the same person and tries to eliminate Tyler by shooting himself in the face. Tyler was executed, but the credit card companies still fell.

Worst Of The Worst Guys

5. Vic Vega, Reservoir Dogs

This character (Mr. Blonde) has no ounce of sympathy in any part of his mind, body or soul. After the gang captures one of the police officers chasing them, Vic Vega takes matters into his own hands. Vic continually tortures the man to find out who in the gang ratted to the police. His crazy side is revealed as he dances to music and cuts off the police man's ear before dosing the man in gasoline. Other gang members have classified him as a grade-A psychopath.

4. Alex DeLarge, A Clockwork Orange

Alex DeLarge is one of the most disgusting human beings ever. A group of he and his buddies travel around in strange outfits singing "Dancing in the Rain" all while robbing, raping and creating havoc wherever they step. The break-ins are a hard sight to see and disturbing for many. After authorities take over DeLarge, they subject him to experiments that make him go completely mad. He no longer be evil like he once was, but the desire still burns deep inside of him.

3. Jack Torrence, The Shining

This is one of Jack Nicholson's most iconic roles. Jack takes his family out to a hotel that was once "possessed" by a certain evil so that he can write in peace while looking out for the welfare of the property. As the days go on, Jack slowly slips into madness and turns all his rage upon his family. His mind slips into a dark hole and the once normal Jack turns into a craze minded villain. Nobody is safe, not even Jack. "Here's Johnny!"

2. Hannibal Lector, The Silence Of The Lambs

The cannibalistic serial killer, Hannibal Lecter. This man has cooked some nice human meals, but finds his life behind bars. Police offer him deals in search of a man named Buffalo Bill, a similar killer who turns woman's skins into coats. Not much happens with Lecter, but when he is on screen, it is enough to make one shudder. Are you going to have an old friend for dinner tonight?

1. Joker, The Dark Knight

The Joker is a blurred line between insanity and realism. The dedication of madness that the clown prince wishes upon Gotham is more than any villain before or after. He kills by any means necessary so that madness can rush through the city. The only reason he is in the city is because of Batman, and now he is here to stay. Don't take it too seriously.

What other exciting deranged minds take place in cinema? Thanks for reading and follow for more updates!


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