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We've all got to admit — we were all rather sceptical when it was announced that Universal Pictures were putting all their efforts behind The Mummy, this time with Tom Cruise as their main man. However, judging by the recently released teaser trailer, it looks like the studio might just pull off the modern-day, action-packed monster reboot:

Indeed, Universal Pictures is certainly set on making the biggest movie of next summer and alongside the trailer released above, the studio is determined to let fans know just how much went into making it work.

A new featurette has just been unveiled to accompany the trailer and it shows an in-depth glimpse into how some of the most explosive stunts in upcoming blockbuster were filmed. And surprise, surprise, many of the moments feature Hollywood stalwart Tom Cruise doing the thing he does best – action.

Whether or not Tom was sporting a custom-made G-string in that particular plane crash/zero-gravity scene (as he apparently likes to do while on set, FYI) is unknown. However, what is apparent is that decades on, the 54-year-old actor has still got it when it comes to busting out some of his signature action sequences.

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As well as floating around with Annabelle Wallis inside of an aircraft, fans can spot getting the shit beaten out of him by fellow on-screen legend Russell Crowe. Check out the bad-ass behind-the-scenes action in the full featurette below:

Are you impressed by the behind-the-scenes stunt footage/Tom Cruise's enthusiasm for The Mummy?


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