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The Mummy debuts in theaters this week, kicking off Universal's monster movie universe. With so much hype being built up for the Dark Universe story cycle, it's no surprise this is one of this summer's most anticipated films. That being the case, it better be good, especially when is supposed to introduce two or possibly more of the monsters that'll become central figures in Universal's .

'The Mummy' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'The Mummy' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

As it stands, The Mummy will introduce Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) and Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe), both characters expected to become significant monsters in this movie. An additional monster may be thrown into the mix as well, however, one who some might already have expected to be involved.

Does Nick's Physicality Prove He Becomes Supernaturally Empowered?

In a new TV spot, a few brief seconds of footage provide us with a potential indication of Tom Cruise's character becoming a supernatural creature himself. During those few seconds, we can see Nick Morton throwing Ahmanet against a wall, putting his supernatural abilities on display.

Quick recap: Nick Morton has been infected with Ahamanet's curse, which somehow links them together. The details around how they're connected are still unknown. But after closely examining the footage released so far, Nick appears to slowly become like Ahmanet, evident by the split eyes that have become synonymous with Ahmanet in this version of The Mummy.

While we don't know to what extent Nick is becoming a mummy, he appears to be gaining some rather beneficial abilities. Nick throws Ahmanet against a wall, showing that he stands on a level playing field with the evil mummy. While that may only be one instance of Nick taking the fight to Ahmanet, hopefully a supernatural beat-down between the two mummies takes place. Then again, that may be asking for too much.

If Nick does become a mummy, he could end up in additional movies. Dr. Jekyll supposedly connects these movies, but there's nothing stopping Nick Morton from coming along for the ride. Keep in mind that the events of The Mummy almost guarantee some fallout so any monstrous fate for Nick might have unfortunate side effects. They might even affect how the world reacts to supernatural creatures in the following monster movies.

Theories aside, the footage released all but says Nick is next in line to become a supernatural creature. Whatever afflicts Nick may be only temporary, but in all likelihood the curse will be permanent, resulting in Nick becoming the next incarnation of the Mummy. One who we can probably assume will turn up in another movie. Of course, there's always a chance Tom Cruise is done with the Dark Universe after one movie, with his character also facing a potential death, but let's hope for the best.


Do you think Tom Cruise is becoming a monster himself in The Mummy?

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