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movies are usually pretty chock full of testosterone, but from the looks of it, Pain & Gain will be the most pumped up Bay movie yet. It tells the apparently true story of a bunch of fitness freaks who embark on a kidnapping scheme which goes disastrously wrong. Cue car crashes, shootouts and nonchalantly walking away from explosions. Basically, everything we've come to expect from Mr. Bay. Now you've got the chance to work your eyes out on a new television spot. Check it out below:

(via Michael

Although this might look like a fairly meat-headed affair, it does also seem to have a sense of humor about itself. Hopefully this means weak, skinny guys like myself can probably appreciate it too. Let's just hope the movie features more jokes, and less pull-ups... They just make me feel self-conscious...

Pain & Gain stars , and . It will squat-thrust its way into theaters on April 26, 2013. Make sure to [[follow]] Pain & Gain to grab hold of all the latest news.


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