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Sophie Atkinson

Hey Moviechefs, let’s bake up an amazing movie called The Counselor today!


  • , the legendary director of Blade Runner

  • Everybody’s favourite living author, (The Road, No Country For Old Men)

  • Two attractive female leads, one dark haired and exotic, the other a corn-fed all American blonde to cater for tastes across the board (, )

  • For the female viewers, oozing sex appeal despite obligatory wacky onscreen costume and looking worn out and cynical and painfully cool.

  • A generous sprinkling of , so this thing is complete Oscar-bait


  • Mix together the author, who will work on a suitably mind blowing script with Ridley Scott, who will direct every still so it looks like a poignant watercolour. Sieve in some terse, cool-as-f*ck dialogue.

  • Leave to set in the Hollywood hothouse until the media buzz is palpable.

  • Chop up into tiny delicious morsels and deliver in the form of teaser trailers. Get ready for everyone to lick their plates clean, cause that’s how good it is.

Check out the new trailer below:

So, if you haven’t come across this before, it centers on Fassbender, who stars as a man who gets drawn into a sleazy world of criminals, drug-running motorcyclists and a few cheetahs.

What do you think of the trailer? Am I blowing this thing completely out of proportion or do you think this is going to be the defining film of 2013?

And so, like, yeah, if you had fun reading this then, errmm...let's be friends, maybe? I like your sweater, it really brings out your eyes. Just click follow below for more great articles and even better compliments.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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