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Action fans! Chalk up your fists and sharpen your blades; there is a new movie coming to our screens. It is a brilliant love child from two of the hottest action directors kicking around at the moment. And let me tell you, things are going to get twisted.

The Night Comes For Us reunites , known for his movie Killers, and Welsh director , known for his work on The Raid 2: Berendal. The two directors worked together for a short movie for the anthology film V/H/S/2, and it was basically the sickest and most intense thing I have ever seen. Watch it with relish below.

Just a little warning, the video is super-graphic, so if you have a delicate disposition or have just eaten something red and sloppy, like a lovely homemade spaghetti bolognese, maybe give it a miss.


In The Night Comes For Us, the story will follow a mobster, played by (Fast & Furious 6) who returns to his local crime family back in Jakarta. However, the criminal is not greeted with open arms – and soon finds that he is trapped in a dark world of betrayal and chaos.

It just sounds so brilliant. This movie will be the perfect thing to quell my action thirst after Gareth Evans’ The Raid trilogy ends.

We can expect a release for this movie sometime next year.

(Source: Coming Soon)


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