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After wowing Conjuring 2 fans with her particular brand of heretical creepiness, The Nun is getting her own spin-off movie, hopefully meaning the fabulous Bonnie Aarons will return to reprise her terrifying role.

In The Conjuring 2, The Nun is merely one form that the demon plaguing Lorraine Warren takes, but in the great tradition of horror movie spin-offs, it's likely that a few creative liberties may be taken with the pre-existent storyline. Check out some suggestions for what may happen in The Nun's spin-off horror movie, and agree/disagree or add your own ideas below.


Is 'The Nun' the horror sequel / spin-off you're most excited for?

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The Nun: Real Life Exposé

There's no word yet on whether The Nun will feature Lorraine and Ed Warren. The famous real-life demonologist couple did not appear in Annabelle, but this didn't stop Annabelle's own spin-off franchise winning enough at the box office to snag her own sequel (Annabelle 2, due May 19, 2017). The Conjuring 2 was based on a true story, so perhaps The Nun will choose to focus on a real-life event, whether it's one of the Warrens' case files or a totally different investigation into the history of demonology itself.

The Nun: Origins

Perhaps The Nun existed as a regular human before she was tainted by the forces of evil? The Devil himself was an angel turned bad, so the narrative of goodness and innocence fallen could work for a movie about The Nun. Maybe she was a good little novice before strange things started happening in the convent? First she attempted to vanquish the nefarious presence, before eventually becoming seduced by its dark offerings.

The Nun As An Unofficial Sequel To The Conjuring 2

Rather than delving into The Nun's origins of evil, perhaps The Nun spin-off movie could follow on directly from the action in The Conjuring 2. After the demon was driven from the form of The Nun by Lorraine Warren, what happens to the entity that was The Nun? Is she just an ineffectual shell, or was she exiled to a hell dimension? The rigors of Horror Sequel World demand answers!

There are certainly several horror movies featuring evil nuns for The Nun to draw inspiration from. What do you think would work for The Nun spin-off movie?

Here's Joseph Bishara's wonderfully atmospheric Crooked Man theme from The Conjuring 2 to play you out. Sweet dreams.

What would you like to see happen in The Nun spin-off movie?

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