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is a man who pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable in cinema to the extreme. Antichrist was a savage and unflinching look at anxiety and loss, while Melancholia was a beautifully rendered meditation on depression, loneliness and isolation, framed in the very public sphere of the end of the world. Mainstream blockbuster film making this most certainly is not.

His latest effort, Nymphomaniac: Volume I could well be von Trier's most controversial work yet. Starring , and regular von Trier collaborator , the film chronicles a self-confessed nymphomaniacs sexual experiences and required the cast to perform un-simulated sex. I told you it was controversial.

Jean-Marc Barr, who also stars in the film, spoke to Collider recently and revealed the Nymphomaniac: Volume I is unlike anything we've ever seen before (no s**t!). Barr admitted:

I think that Nymphomaniac is going to—it could either be a huge flop, huge, because the chances he’s taking with it are huge. But it’s a film that is philosophically, it’s humor approaching I think almost all the facets of sex, and it’s never been seen. And that’s what’s great about Lars and what proves that he’s a great artist is you know, you’ve got Shia [LaBeouf], you’ve got Charlotte Gainsbourg, you’ve Stellan Sarsgard, you’ve got Willem Dafoe, people want to work with the guy because he’s not just there to fucking entertain (laughs). Thirty years ago that was the norm, but now it’s not the norm so were old hat now.

Say what you want about von Trier (and a lot of people do) you can't argue that he doesn't make thought-provoking and unique films. Whether that's a good thing or not is a matter of opinion.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I is still waiting on a US release date, so [[follow]] the movie to get all the updates when they hit.

What do you guys think? Will you be checking out The Nymphomaniac when it lands in theaters? Are you a fan of von Trier's work? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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