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If you've seen , chances are you struggled to get through a single episode without having to constantly press pause. Why? Because Netflix's latest sci-fi mystery is bursting with a ton of references and Easter Eggs, both blatant and subtle.

From religious metaphors to artistic inspiration, it's obvious why the show's creators spent three years crafting this intricate story. Did you manage to spot any of these?

11. Color

The color purple features heavily throughout the show, from lilac embalming fluid to burgundy clothing. In fact, it's hard to spot a scene without it. Even the outfits worn by the five performing the movements in the high school cafeteria in the last episode are all purple. Purple is a color often associated with spirituality and magic— what could its common presence mean in the context of the show?

10. Braille

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

In an obvious nod to Prairie's blindness, both Khatun and her father's faces are shown to be covered in Braille. According to Redditor philaj9, the braille on their skin is German. It's hard to make out, but Khatun's says "angel", while Prairie's father mentions "5".

There's a large braille sign on the wall of the FBI office as well that says "Rachel".

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9. Ambulance

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

When Prairie is taken away in the ambulance, Scott hears a "whoosh" sound. This is the same sound that Hap said he heard when first seeing a patient flatline in the hospital. This could signify Prairie dying and/or crossing over into another reality.

8. Wolf

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

Prairie is wearing a purple hoodie with a wolf on it, just like the one Homer wears in Hap's basement.

7. Backpack

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

When riding his bike to meet Prairie, Buck passes a crash site lit up by flares. The backpack on the ground looks a lot like the one that Rachel described, which was owned by her little brother who died in a car accident.

6. Bullet Mark

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

The bullet mark left by the shooter in the cafeteria window had split the glass into five parts, and shows a pentagram. The layout is very similar to the design of the glass cages in Hap's basement.

5. Parallels

The last seven minutes of the show correspond to the seven years Prairie spent locked up in Hap's basement— the shooter is approached from behind, like the sheriff sneaks up on Hap; The five movements are performed, ending in someone getting shot (and possibly dying); And Scott chases after the ambulance, begging to be taken— just as Prairie chased Hap's car.

Similarly, the five movements themselves correspond to the events in the story, such as Prairie eating the bird, and the hands being drawn over the eyes to close them, meaning death.

4. Music

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

The Pearl Jam song sung by the chorus group makes reference to a woman "dreaming in color", a possible hint at Prairie's lucidity.

3. Alfonso's Essay

The essay that Alfonso wrote that won him the college scholarship was on CPR— the act of resuscitating a person who has flatlined. While Alfonso discusses his essay with the college over the phone, a snow globe of the Statue of Liberty can be seen on the principal's desk.

2. Art

The OA [Netflix]/Red house 1932
Kazimir Malevich
The OA [Netflix]/Red house 1932 Kazimir Malevich

Redditor ColorMySoul88 discovered an intriguing link between the paintings of Russian artist Kasimir Malevich and the events of the show. His paintings include 'House Under Construction', 'Airplane Flying' and even 'Painterly Realism of a Football Player- Color Masses in the 4th Dimension'. His style of art was inspired by an artistic movement called the Fourth Way, which was invented by another Russian: George Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff once suffered a near-death accident, and taught "sacred dances" to groups of his students.

1. Religion

The OA [Netflix]
The OA [Netflix]

The OA is rife with religious references. The machine that Hap uses to trigger NDEs in his test subjects looks like an angel's wings. When Scott's body is dumped in his cell, he resembles Jesus in both pose and appearance— he even has crucification-like marks on his hands. He is then "resurrected".

Hap has many similarities to satan, due to his trickster nature, the serpent over his bed, and his underground lab ("hell"). "OA" could also be a reference to "Alpha and Omega".

Did you spot any Easter Eggs in The OA?


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