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There was little promotion for Netflix original series before its premiere date and, as a result, many of us indulged in binge watching the entire series to find out exactly what it was about. The supernatural series stars Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson — or as she calls herself, The Original Angel — a young woman who recently turns up after being reported missing several years ago.

The OA proved to be popular with Netflix subscribers and, according to Entertainment Weekly, the streaming service renewed the series for a second season, titled The OA Part II, and gave us a creepy sneak peek to tide us over.

While the first season ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, it could have also served as a conclusion to the story so this announcement was rather surprising. However, there are a ton of possibilities left for the show to explore, and a second season is the perfect opportunity to enlighten viewers on what actually happened with Prairie — specifically at the concluding moments. Let's take a look at what we need to see in .

Was Prairie Telling The Truth About Her Kidnapping?

Prairie Johnson told a lot of stories, but were they all true? [Credit: Netflix]
Prairie Johnson told a lot of stories, but were they all true? [Credit: Netflix]

The first season of The OA focused on Prairie's attempt at returning to a normal life, something viewers quickly realized wasn't possible for her. After assembling an audience — a group of boys — Prairie's told the story of her kidnapping.

According to her, she was kidnapped by a scientist named Hap who conducted experiments on her and several other people who had experienced am NDE (near death experience). Together, the captives discovered that they possessed several angelic "movements" and it quickly became clear that they were more gifted than they knew. In modern day, Prairie taught her new students these movements.

Prairie taught her students how to perform her angelic movements. [Credit: Netflix]
Prairie taught her students how to perform her angelic movements. [Credit: Netflix]

While it would appear that Prairie was telling the truth, the first season concluded with Alfonso — one of Prairie's students — doubting her and eventually the whole team struggled to believe her story. The ending was deliberately ambiguous; it was clearly the intention to leave it up to the viewer to decide what really happened to her, but there's definitely evidence to suggest that she was being honest. Primarily, when Prairie went missing, she was blind, yet after one of her so-called near death experiences, her vision was restored. told Entertainment Weekly:

"Whether or not they believe the story is true, the boys are changed by the experience and so is she. So in that sense, everything about the core emotional storyline between the strange woman and group of boys resolves itself in the end.”

Regardless of whether she is telling the whole truth or not, there's no denying that Prairie's story makes sense to her and it definitely resonated with the boys. It will be interesting to see where her explorations will take her in Part II.

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Did The Boys Actually Open Another Dimension By Performing The 5 Movements?

Did the team open another dimension? [Credit: Netflix]
Did the team open another dimension? [Credit: Netflix]

Although Steve, Alfonso, Betty, Jesse and Buck had doubts about the reliability of Prairie's story, they had enough faith to perform the five movements in sync with one another during the school shooting. According to Prairie's story, if the movements are performed simultaneously it will opens a doorway to another dimension. Prairie believes that she must travel to this other dimension to rescue another one of Hap's captives, a man named Homer.

If we are to believe her story, then the performance of the five movements should have opened a doorway. Before concluding, the final episode of Season 1 on showed Prairie getting shot and, as she was taken away in the ambulance, the scene cut and we saw Prairie in another location whispering "Homer." Are we to believe that she successfully transitioned to this other dimension? It would appear so.

Will Prairie And Hap Come Face To Face Again?

Hap conducted experiments on his selected few. [Credit: Netflix]
Hap conducted experiments on his selected few. [Credit: Netflix]

Prairie's story was conveyed to viewers through flashbacks showing us her childhood, her move to America, her loss of sight and, most importantly, her kidnapping. Prairie spent years as nothing more than a test subject as Hap experimented on her and the others. Among those others was Homer, with whom Prairie fell in love.

Having feelings for her, Hap was infuriated by Prairie's love for Homer so he let her go and forced her to return to her former life. If she makes it back to the other dimension to rescue Homer, there is no doubt she will come face to face with the villainous Hap again.

Hap may be infatuated with her but she got in the way of his plans the first time; if she does so again he may not hesitate to kill her. Having said that, Prairie has already 'died' multiple times throughout the first season and each near death experience has only made her stronger. Hap had better watch out, the Original Angel is on her way back.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out the trailer for Season 1 of The OA here:

The OA was easily one of the most innovative and original dramas of 2016 and its renewal is much appreciated. With Prairie's story set to go deeper, Part II of The OA could be even better — and stranger — than the first. I'm excited to find out what role Steve, Jesse, Alfonso, Betty and Buck will play in the second season because there's no doubt that Prairie will call on them for assistance and if she's going to go up against Hap for round two, she'll need all the help she can get. Move over , The OA Part II is set to take center stage.

The OA Part II will be available on Netflix soon. Do you think Prairie and Hap will come face to face again in the second season of The OA? Tell me in the comment section below.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]


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