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When we heard that Rachel Bilson would be joining the throngs of CMT's musical drama Nashville, our minds collectively dinged toward the same lightbulb realization: A reunion was imminent.

Lo and behold, but a few days after the news broke, photographic proof of Bilson (a.k.a. Summer Roberts) reunited with former co-star Chris Carmack (a.k.a. Luke Ward) swooped on to our Instagram feeds. And it's glorious:

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OK, so singing ", here we come" to the tune of Phantom Planet's "California" may not have quite the same catchy ring to it, but the thought alone provides all the nostalgia fodder we need. Especially when its your mind-based backing track to that throwback snap, wouldn't you agree?

CMT is yet to reveal when Nashville will return to our screens following its midseason finale.

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