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Bad news for die-hard fans: the veteran director's remake of Oldboy will have a delayed release. Instead of opening on October 11th (as was initially scheduled), or October 25th (which was the second date given by the producers), it seems FilmDistrict has decided to push it further back to November 27th. According to Collider, the reasons for this move remain unclear, although a quick purview of the Thanksgiving lineup seems to suggest that serious competition for the film on the newest date will be pretty scarce.

Oldboy tells the story of a man who finds himself kidnapped for twenty years without explanation, and once free, embarks on a quest of vengeance against his captors. The movie is loosely based on a Japanese manga with the same name, and was originally made into film in 2003, garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews from Western and Eastern critics alike.

The 2013 version will feature as Joe Doucett, a middle-aged advertising executive and the thriller's tortured protagonist. Also starring are , and .

When news broke that Lee was shooting for a remake of the South Korean classic, many hardcore devotees of the original cult movie voiced their concern that the reboot would never live up to its predecessor, as is often the case with revamped versions. The movie has undergone a seriously troubled production history, with at first set to direct and in the starring role, although both jumped ship on the project in 2010 (prompting the relief of many a fan). Does this new delay mean that the preemptive critics were onto something, or are we dealing with a simple marketing maneuver? Have a look at the promising trailer and tell us what you think of this remake down in the comments while we all wait for the turkeys to get roasting.


Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy will (for now) appear worldwide in theaters on November 27th, 2013.



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