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Concept artist / illustrator / matte painter for the entertainment industry (films, games, animation). See my website for artwork and info.
Nate Hallinan

Henrick’s mind is as fierce as his appearance. Henrick was given the name “Beast” as an ironic term of endearment. He is loved by his peers and is one of most wise and trusted members of Xavier’s council. He is well educated and continues to be a scholar of many disciplines.

(Personal notes) There are several versions of Beast in the Marvel universe, but I thought it would be fun to do my own and make him more bear-like. Beorn from The Hobbit has always been an interesting character to me so I took the chance using him as an influence. The challenge to figuring out Beast’s appearance is making him seem intelligent as well as fierce. Quite a challenge with those polar characterizations.

Character explorations for Beast are below.

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