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David Latona

Via wetpaint, we just found out that The Originals' producers are casting a new recurring character: with what little information we've gleamed, it seems like a priest by the name of Kieran will arrive in New Orleans to face off the original vampires. We've also learned that his is e 'a dark past,' whatever that's supposed to mean. What does seem fairly certain is that a religious man will probably have little fondness left to spare for supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires and werewolves.

The second casting addition will probably have less of a speaking role and be all about the image: since actress , who played Esther Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries, is currently pregnant and unable to shoot, TheCW is looking for a believable photo double to portray the Original Witch and mother of our favorite bloodsucking siblings. This is the description Tammy Smith Casting put out for the candidates:

Looking for a Caucasian woman, age 18 - 50 that looks like the woman attached (character "Esther") to be a photo double. Must have similar hair - long, similar color or if lighter, you must be willing to put a rinse in it. The hair is a dirty blonde and it goes down her back quite a ways (look carefully at the pic). No bangs!! (no exceptions). Candidates need to be between 5'6" to 5'9" at the most (the actress is 5'7-ish and of an average to slim size. CURRENT PHOTOS!!! (one of which should be from shoulders up and one from the knees up - hair color and length must be visible in one of the photos and please no photos with hats, sunglasses or other people in them!! - Thank you

The Originals premieres on TheCW on October 3rd at 9 PM (EST) following the start of The Vampire Diaries' fifth season.



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