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Warning - don't read on if you haven't seen Tuesday's episode of The Originals!

Only days after being killed off in her role as Sophie in Tuesday night's episode of The Originals, has been cast as a regular in NBC's upcoming drama pilot, Odyssey.

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The high-paced political thriller takes three characters and shows how their lives intersect: a female soldier, a disillusioned corporate attorney and a disgraced political activist. All three are drawn into a murky international military conspiracy.

Pineda will play Molly, a reporter for Time magazine, and a love interest for a G8 protester played by .

The cast also includes Pushing Daisies‘ , Lost‘s and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s .

Do you think this will be a good move for the actress? And does Odyssey sound like a series you would be interested in? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

(Source TVline)


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